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Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Jack Tatty, Nov 22, 2015.

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    I'm on a facebook group called Vee Dub Family, It's the best forum / group anywhere by a country mile, No bickering between the T4 and T'5's, or Earlybays or Lates or any other mark that's why it's called Vee Dub Family, I have had an Early and a Late, My Early looked loads better than my Late but my Late was more reliable, We have also got a mint Beetle, Who cares what you get as long as you like it
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    i don't think anyone really "cares" on here to be fair, they certainly don't really get the hump about me or you or others having a T4/5 etc, they just like to remind us it's a late bay site.
    the fact is (and i don't care who believes it or not) the t4/5 is far superior to the bay, full stop. i've lifted the bonnet twice in 6 months - both times 'cos the washers ran out - 12,500 miles between oil changes turn the key and go - it's the future.
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  3. I agree @Merlin Cat very costly & you have definitely got the right engine in the T4 for sure & @Woodster If I'm not in that group on FB already I shall search it out because the few groups I am a member of proper slag each other off & that really gets my goat, I get & enjoy the banter on here with plenty of leg pullers its fun but elsewhere they are proper nasty!

    So here's my reasoning, I wanted a new car as our family car and for work (Mrs Robo has a mini) other than company cars I've never had a new or nearly new car, nothing fancy but a new car all the same isn't cheap, it would also need to be a family car big enough to take 5 on day trips & holidays with luggage to caravan park or similar with an 80 year old coming along as he's no longer up for camping & stopped when he was 74 plus I'd probably end up suffocating him in such close confinement!

    So that's when you get to thinking how about a vehicle that does the above & more ! Something that we (The Robo's) could also use to go camping be it a week or just nip to the coast for the weekend & have a cheapo one nighter on a site or locate a freebie stop over place! We have it all planned :thumbsup:
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  4. P.S. Sorry @Jack Tatty for hijacking your thread, but I was too scared to start my own 'I'm buying a T5 thread' :gnome:
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    pussy. mines about 47 pages long - embrace it.
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  6. Whats that, bend over and brace for it?
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    you know you'll get some ribbing when you "come out"
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