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Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Jack Tatty, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Cheers fellas. Just waiting on insurance phoning back so we can give them the details of the lock up where the van is now. No reason to believe they wont play ball. We've been checking some of the obvious sale sites to see if we recognise any bits or pieces, no luck so far. Depends how thick or not the thieves are.
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  2. rickyrooo1

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    i thought as much....
    my limited knowledge thus far has taught me this.
    bad news but good news in a way?
    i didn't do it though.
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  3. It was inevitable but good it's been found, should speed up the insurance a bit
  4. Hopefully :). Anyway, to cheer ourselves up we're going to see The Rezillos this Sunday in Nottingham :thumbsup:
  5. have a good en. Crikey Fay Fife I recall but many years ago. Top of the pops is the only one I can recall.
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  6. Leaping around in a green pixie type suit if i remember .
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  7. lets hope now its found you can put it behind you,,

    i had a google of the rezillos ,
    and ended up with this,

    to cheer you up...:D

    as mad as...:eek:

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  8. I hope you sort the insurance claim out ok. It sounds to me as if it might be a T5 owner looking to fit their van out with your stuff. Who knows.
  9. How far away was it from where it was stolen? and more to the point, how was it found?

    A decent underwriter would write this down as a total loss, in terms of the cost to replace like for like. If the roof's still there, see if you can buy the shell back off the insurance company for a song...will save you some cash, which you can put towards extras...pretty sure forensics could find some prints, also....Good luck with the process, and enjoy the Rezillos:thumbsup:
  10. Hmmm, good point re the roof. It was found, oh I reckon about 5 mile from here. I was imagining the ins company would write it off but not sure until they view what's left themselves. Looking forward to the Rezillos. Mate of mine is in one of the support bands too :thumbsup:
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  11. Yep, Fay Fife was pretty kooky but in a cool way. I found her very alluring. Top of the Pops is the one everyone remembers , but they did some pretty cool songs. This is from their Revillos period....
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  12. :( sorry ta here this jt sometimes its best not ta know i spose . Hope you get fair doooz from the insurance company . Enjoy ya night out as best you can bud :thumbsup:
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  13. From my experience the insurance company (s) will often try and give you a low offer first just to see if you will take it.
    i have had many dealings with them in my prevoius job and from memory we always got the aggrieved/victim more money than was first offered.
    Worst one was elderly couple who were told if they claimed their policy would increase, after working it out unless they lived for another 75 years plus they would loose out.
    Some Insurance companies didnt seem to like me advising victims. can't work out why !
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  14. it was found 5 miles away....:eek:

    thats local villans ..:mad:
  15. Have you resolved the insurance claim yet?
  16. Yes mate. They're paying up. In fairness it's been pretty straightforward.
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  17. Are you looking to but what's left back or will you just buy an all new(to you) one?
  18. Not seen what's left and we don't want to really. From what I know there's not enough left to be much use anyway, so we will start looking in the new year. Still got the bay to sell too :)
  19. Woodylubber

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    Can I just ask did you have guaranteed value on your insurance and did they pay out the full amount you expected
  20. Paying us what we paid for it.
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