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Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Jack Tatty, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Probably overnight, last saw it at about 3 ish yesterday. Found it was gone about 1pm today. I had moved it from outside our house (steep steep hill, impossible in the snow) to top road about 100 yards from us. Not particularly standout vehicle, it was white, LWB with pop top, and decals "Drivelodge Sleeper" on front, back and sides. Reg YH04 EEW. Going through the usual motions really :(. Will up load a pic soon. First time this has ever happened to us, feel sick to the pit of my stomach, and at same time, trying to keep stuff in's only a lump of metal.
  2. :( have you got any ideas :(
  3. None mate, absolutely none :(
  4. As you say - only a lump of metal - and insured - but still a horrible feeling of being violated.
    Modern vehicles are supposed to be harder to steal - probably winched on to a low loader.
    Hope you get it back in one piece.
  5. rickyrooo1

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    Blimey John, hope the insurance covers the cost.... A hell of a lot of these go missing, presumably it got towed/lifted?
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  6. MorkC68

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    fekkin hell Jack, that's a bit grim.

    Pop some photos up on here & Ill share on my Facebook page
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  7. what a shock , hope its found :(
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  8. bernjb56

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    Terrible - real pain :(
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  9. rickyrooo1

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    If you link a pic I'll post on t5 forum if you ain't on there.
  10. :( Very sorry to hear about that I'd be gutted you sound quite sanguine.
  11. Zed

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    Bummer. :(
  12. rickyrooo1

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    I must admit I just got up to check mine.... Gonna have to get me another post for the drive like I had with the bay I think......
  13. Its easy to nick any vehicle to be honest with a recovery truck. I do recovery work. You can easily winch a Range Rover for example, with the electric hand brake stuck on, so a van will be of no issue. I am not trying to be bla bla about it just warning people that its very easy if access is there.
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  14. rickyrooo1

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    Where is your location etc will post in forums and Twitter
  15. had to smile all the same, thats my brother standing with Mrs JT in the background. Thats his Camp-let trailer tent he's standing outside. Thye had an absolutley awful holiday with it :)
  16. Cheers Rick, nicked from Thornton, Bradford, West Yorks. And thanks Mark @MorkC68 for offer to put on Facebook.
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  17. No choice but to be really Nick. As I say, this is a first. We've never been burgled, mugged, had anything nicked from a vehicle either. Do feel "violated" in a way, but at same time, in light of what has happened last week for inst, we can't complain too much.
  18. MorkC68

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    Just posted the pic on FB. I hope you get it back!
  19. Have done so already Rick, but thanks for offer :thumbsup:
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