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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by scrooge95, May 18, 2022.

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    So the continuing saga of my starter motor, this morning saw me alternating between lying on my back in the gutter whilst giving the starter motor a gentle hammering, and listening to the dead click of woe when turning the key.
    Thankfully my boss is slightly sympathetic at my lateness to work, but really I need to just fix the blasted thing.
    I had hoped to limp it through to June when the engine is out but it’s either do it now or lay the van up for a few weeks I think.

    I’ve never even investigated the starter motor until it began failing, so I’m slightly blind on what to do.
    I’ve found a chap to refurb it (it’s a Bosch so worth it, I think) but obviously I need to take it off first.
    Two bolts and some wires to disconnect?

    Bearing in mind I live on me lonesome, and I assume this is better done on axle stands, if I need to haul on the bolts to undo them and it all goes horribly wrong, no one will hear me scream!!
    Any top tips please?
    Type one engine with a three rib box if that helps.
    Cheers m’dears
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  2. Just a bolt (actually it’s nut)on the bell housing from inside the engine easy access ( this is the d-bolt) and a second nut right next to the motor underneath.

    rest are just simple terminal connections to the motor. I’d disconnect battery first. If standard height no need to lift van
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  3. Screen shots below from previous LB thread. These show the nut from inside the engine bay and the stud that takes the second nut FBFDC324-A937-4D65-BCB8-2208677FE872.png 44DB4760-9461-4FA3-A472-A8C993493278.png
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    Ah okay, thank you.
    I’ve found your previous thread so that should help…. I didn’t know if it was differently attached for your type 4.
    Thank you :)
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  5. My Bosch was recently refurbished and it was still the fault in the end. I replaced to a Powerlite starter which is fairly cheap and is high torque and even better as it’s self supporting so no fiddling with that brass bush that you can see in the second photo.

    If it is the starter a lot of folk would probably recommend refurbing the Bosch though
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  6. It’s actually a 3 rib gear box on mine so exactly the same for you. Starter type goes with gearbox type
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  7. Before I eventually replaced the starter motor I replaced gearbox earth strap, checked battery cranking voltage, cleaned terminals, fitted hot start relay and put new starter bush in. For me none of these solved the issue. It was a new motor for me
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  8. My thread turned into a saga as the first Powerlite motor had a flange with the bolt hole hard up to the starter body so spanner access was not possible. I’d ignore most of that as a second Powerlite was fitted very easily.

    Bosch for Bosch should cause no issues in terms of bolt access or no need for wire extensions
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  9. Check the electrical connections to the starter first. had a similar issue with mine and it was the connections...

    straight forward job as others have said above, if it does need to come out :thumbsup:
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  10. My starter was playing up a couple of years ago - turned to be the connections on mine too - all connections cleaned etc and since then no problems.
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  11. Not that difficult to remove the starter. You don’t really need to jack the thing up if you’re of slimmish build ;). If you drink six pints a night with 14 curries, might need a jack.

    Once the cabling is undone, one bolt under the van, and the elusive nut round the back of the fanshroud on the RHS (finding it is the most troublesome bit).

    Whatever you do, disconnect the battery -ve first, as the big cables to the starter are unfused 12V, and sparks will fly :eek:

    Squidge under the RHS and have a look. Pretty easy to take it off. Biggest peril is having the thing fall off on your head.
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  12. Yeh, my engine pic is a type 4 so I guess the nut in the engine bay will be in the same place on a type 1 engine, but probably hidden somewhat but the upright engine
  13. It hides behind the fan shroud. Once you know where it is, easy to find. A ratchet spanner (15mm?) helps when undoing it.
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  14. 17mm.
    If you have an air filter / oil bath to the right, take it out first. Your arm needs to be there holding the spanner pointing down to the left just in front of the firewall/tinware.
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  15. :thumbsup:
  16. It’s been said a few times already about disconnecting your battery
    But it’s a must for safety’s sake.

    There was a fella a number of years ago who ended up hospitalised with severe burns over his whole body and his bus on fire swapping the starter motor.
    Most likely from not disconnecting the battery before touching the starter terminals combined with a leaky hose from the fuel tank.

    Not trying to scare you but it’s good to mention it for future people searching out old threads.
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  17. Take a picture of where the wires go..a bundle with ring terminals on the big bolt ( battery/ alternator /power to front ) , and a separate push on terminal on one of the two spade terminals ( cranking power ), the other terminal will be empty on a T1.
  18. Regarding the 17mm nut behind the fan housing , if you have Pop Eye arms your in trouble and a ratchet spanner helps once you get it going.
    Its a feeling process ……Love the nut

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  19. Here’s one off the vehicle

    Top nut behind the fan shroud on the D bolt usually one good turn with the spanner then you can get your fingers on it to finish off, D bolt tends to slide back ( or forward) then it’ll turn so I shove a lump hammer up against the D on top of starter.
    Bottom nut easy access underneath , wiring obvious but disconnect battery ! [​IMG]
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  20. Neat trick with the hammer!

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