Spring Camp - Yorkshire Dales Part Deux - 5-7 April 2013

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  1. rickyrooo1

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    did you all manage to survive without the insurance? ahahahahaha..... off to polish my spoon.
  2. Silver

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    Just one last quick post to thank WoodyLubber for the work he did in organising this cracking event, sorting the weather for us and getting a deal on all our camping. He also did entertaining, creche, fires, booking pub lunches and guided walks. With him looking after things it was an easy weekend for me, all I had to do was drive there.

    Also a big thanks to Joyce who I don't think is on here now, he cooked breakfast for everyone that was up!

    Thanks :)
  3. yeah we all survived !!!! just by looking out for each other like proper dubbers do who would of thought it ehh
  4. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Nearly forgot to thank you for crawling under my bus in your Sunday best to help with my drive shafts.

    Thanks Lowie. :) your a good egg.
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  5. no
    no probs i would of stopped to say bye on the a1 to you all but i was trying to burn the oil of my clutch ;)
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  6. Oh no :( now whats wrong
  7. flywheel oil seal again
  8. ruddy hell, theres always summat!
  9. We had a great weekend . The setting was perfect, the local beer was amazing. We met some really great people and had a catch up with old friends. Finally winter has almost gone , and if this weekend was a taste of what's to come , we are going to have some great times together this summer. Thank you to everyone that was there for making it a special few days.

    We would just like to wish Travis(jonno and Lisa's lad) a speedy recovery from his awfull mountain board crash. He broke his leg at on Friday at spring camp, what a brave young man he is.
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  10. Awesome weekend:thumbsup: and brilliant real ales especially the kamikazee and the radical
    Was great to spend time with old freinds and make new ones too
    I need a quiet few days now to recover though and im never drinking jagerbombs again:beer:
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  11. Great to meet you all, thanks for making us feel so welcome! - roll on next time!
    Scarborough maybe!
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  12. ....sorry to hear about the casualties....a worse survival rate than the National!

    hope everyone got back eventually..
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  13. Woodylubber

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    Well that was one brilliant weekend :) the sun came out for us and a good time was had by all , Thanks to everyone that came :thumbsup:

  14. And thanks to Woody for suggesting Dent for Spring Camp - what a great site for a meet! :)
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  15. Sounds like you had a good weekend then.

    Hopefully i'll make it to one at sometime.
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  16. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Your a superstar Adam for cooking breakfasts for everybody, Thankyou :thumbsup:
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  17. Yeh Woody , thanks for organizing a yellow snow up in a brewery
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  18. Silver

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    I've fixed mine, how you doing with yours?
  19. got the oil seal i ll do it sunday afternoon ;)
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  20. Silver

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    If its type 4, take a couple of pictures, I'll know what I'm looking for when I do my one;)

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