Spring Camp - Yorkshire Dales Part Deux - 5-7 April 2013

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  1. you forgot "a table for 38 please" hahaha x
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  2. Great weekend evryone cheers to you all :thumbsup:
    Amazing people.
    Lets do it again soon please :thumbsup:
  3. 5 breakdowns:thumbsup:
  4. Hardly suprising, Yorkshire has proper hills
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  5. Five?

    Silver (twice)
    Who's t'other one?
  6. BROKEN LEG? Who?
  7. ME you nugget , Did you not notice the landrover
  8. I don't mean the landrover , i meant the van , thats why i took the landy
    god this is hard work.
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  9. Top weekend. It was a gas. Roll on the next one and make it soon.
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  10. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Brilliant weekend with brilliant weather & really great people ;)

    Pint of Aviator anyone? :beer: :D
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  11. Yes but you broke down after VoWo you nugget, that doesn't count for this weekend. Are you still off your face on red bull?
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  12. The dark mild in the Sun Inn was superb
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  13. @jonno74's lad :-( on Woody's (appropriately named) board of death. He's getting patched up and will be reet, thankfully.
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  14. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    We got quite parcial to the Magnificent (blonde beer) or the Radical!!
  15. I think i need a better gas...um laughing gas next time...eheheheheheh , eh found the fault it was mi new stove the toaster switch dont turn off fully.
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  16. Dark mile, easter beer and radical for me but topped it off with a towd up but only one...hit 80mph today, on a straight run.
  17. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Thanks for your help with the tools, drive shafts stayed on all the way home. :D
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  18. Well dudes i know i told a few i had split with ex last year but i was seeing someone but decided thats it today for me HARD TO DO but done. The one you with has to like a few things in your life, ale, music, a sence of faith, but most of all VWs, aircooled, beetles or campers.AND YOU LOT if thats possiable.
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  19. no probs normally have full set for the joints but had only half aslong as you safe dude....thats all that matters.
  20. You right on their am still salivating for that PIE.
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