Spring Camp - Yorkshire Dales Part Deux - 5-7 April 2013

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  1. Flakey

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  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles...good to meet y'all though :)
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  3. Brilliant weekend and Dent is fabulous - best liver and bacon I have ever had :chewie:
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  4. was great meeting new people and getting to see how people are in real life can make quite a bit of a difference...

    was a very eventful camp set in such a perfect place, found a real gem there... cant wait to go back!:beer:
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  5. Did i pass you woody? white van man giving me hell so i went for it, he lost, hey mate thanks for fab weekend and to everyone who was there,feel i have made a crackin bunch of top bananas really enjoyed it, love you all cant wait to meet you all again soon salt of the earth all of yas.
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  6. well im just glad youre not dead Pat..... ;)

    you'll never live that down but great to meet you too and glad you had a good time x​
  7. Woodylubber

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    Great to meet you to Pat, brilliant weekend
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  8. Sorry em didnt know about the boyfriend stuff until i got back home from your thursday post, hope i didnt add to your troubles by mentioning it and i think your a crackin lass and he dosnt deserve you girl. Alas as you know been there recently myself different situation but same feelings. Hope to see ya at scarborough blast will buy you first drink.. Take care.
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  9. bernjb56

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    We are in the George and Dragon - it's a bit quieter than last night :(
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  10. I
  11. You bunch of beer kegs, is there no end to your consumption, eh whos still there?
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  12. Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

    Glad we all made it back eventually.
  13. bernjb56

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    Just me and Jenny now. Congi and Carl left at about 5.30.
  14. Jesus, sounds like we need to alert the rescue services in advance of the next camp :( Let's hope it's all just start-of-the-season teething issues and all our buses are ok.

    Best weekend guys, thank you each and every one of you. Too many memories to string together coherently....my sides still hurt from laughing :D The dog is still on his lead :thumbsup:

    Mwahs xxxx
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  15. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    They did offer to keep us company and play us some soothing music through the night .....
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  16. they actually left!!!!!then you can relax in the tranquility enjoy see ya again soon mate.
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  17. Birdy

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    3 breakdowns from one group?? Sounds a bit cliquey to me ;)

    Hope you all get them sorted ASAP
  18. Silver

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    4 breakdowns, I broke down on arrival as well. ;)
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  19. 4 breakdowns
    7 miles over the mountain road from hell
    1 ambulance for a broken leg
    1 first aid kit for cuts from a dog fight
    19 campervans nearly blown sky high from escaped gas

    I think I might join a less eventful clique ;)
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  20. Wuss ;)
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