Spring Camp - Yorkshire Dales Part Deux - 5-7 April 2013

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  1. Silver

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    Anyone on site yet? What's the weather like up there?
  2. bernjb56

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    And are there still plenty of hook ups?
  3. hey..... am i right in thinking theres a brewery in dent? is it part of the walk? hey should be there about 1.00.
  4. hey d
    hey dude i have a beer or two for yas maybe some spam...if that will help?
  5. http://www.dentbrewery.co.uk/
  6. Looking at the picture on facebook looks like its off, have texted woody but no answer ?
  7. Silver

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    Are you talking spring camp or just the brewery walk?
  8. I think there are a couple of ways into Dent - the High Laning web site does say to avoid a particular way. Have texted Dave but no answer, will try Woody and Joycee - does someone have @MorkC68's number?
  9. Just thought, Amanda (Mrs Joycee) did reply to one of my fb posts saying she was pleased to see me tomorrow, and I know they were heading up there this morning?
  10. Joycee says the road between Hawes and Dent is closed, but they are all now in Dent and smashed at the pub :beer: :burp: :)
  11. Silver

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    Dave posted on FB and showed a nice shot of them convoying up there, but not heard a word from anyone who is actually there. There's a chance they have no wifi of 3G and are sat drinking. I'm planning on leaving at 8.00 am tomorrow and dot know what to do at the moment!

    That answers that one then. Is the road shut because of the weather?
  12. hi guys, unfortunately im not sure im going to be able to make it, im devastated and been looking bgforward to this for so long....

    i have tonsilitis, not managed to eat anything all day, and those who know me will be aware of my bf situation which isnt looking good at the moment... oh and money i thought was coming in tomorrow will not be in til friday, therefore i have £20 to my name which really isnt going to get me anywhere :(

    im so gutted and been a blubbering mess all night feeling sorry for myself... i'm priper gutted...so yeh really sorry... :( have a lovely time though... xxx
  13. Yup that's the road with the snow on Michelle's pics. Amanda has just posted some of them all at the campsite, and I confirm that they're definitely having fun because not one of the last 3 of Joycee's texts make any sense :rolleyes:
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  14. That's a shame tiny :( you will just have to have extra fun at Tekenders, Hope you get well soon :)
  15. It looks less like a road and more like a glacier
  16. Silver

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    Are you guys going to make it? Did you get your engine all set up and finished?
  17. Yep all installed and Arthur is back home - we are considerably lighter of purse but the engine is a beast - heading up to Dent tomorrow at about midday
  18. We will be va va vooooooooooming our way there Silver (famous last words). Check the pics on fb - am still grinning from ear to ear!
  19. Oh no TP gutted , get well soon :(
  20. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    We will head up and be there for mid day :) avoiding the glacier!

    How do we avoid the glacier :(

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