Spare wheel on the front!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Dec 12, 2016.

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    "Gently" :rolleyes:
    We have a nice circular reverse imprint of the tyre make & size on Chip's panel.

    I guess the paint was a tad soft when the wheel was mounted :D
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  2. Yes, its the folded sheet steel carrier and its carrying a 15" Empi alloy, so the offset must be the issue. There was a packer made out of pipe insulation fitted when I bought it, but it looked terrible.

    I've got conduit and a bender in the garage so might have a go at some legs, but i really dont want to drill through a chrome bumper.
  3. Ok, that sounds a bit pervy - I've got conduit and a conduit bending machine in the garage.
  4. Let me know when you've mastered two 90s adjacent to each other as it was nigh on impossible with mine! anyway, I see your point with the bumper.

    If you still want it on the front then you could go down the route of making one and bolting it to the deformation panel by inserting some rivnuts, which I considered but decided id rather drill the bumper. Alternatively, fit a different type of carrier that is sturdier which would possibly involve drilling more holes, or have yours modified to be shallower (it could then of course caress the front panel and not wobble about as much) or... you could carry a standard wheel on your existing carrier.

    My mission was to fit it to the front without drilling the front panel so the only holes are in the bumper and the front grill and then two extra holes inside the air box. Think your issue is different as your possibly stuch with what you have as the holes are already there and you just want to beef it up.
  5. Reminds me of having to do a factory conduit installation after years of house bashing - the place was littered with what looked like giant Chinese puzzles.
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  6. reminds of a nightmare job
    we had to do a big cheese factory in stainless conduit and trunking my boss was too tight buy a electric threader/bender so as the apprentice i had to do every bend and thread by hand under the pain of death if i made any waste as it was expensive stuff
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  7. Hope it was all 25mm lol! takes some bending (handle extension at least!)
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    What did you use to bend yours? I'm liking the tubing approach over the square stock.

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  9. just a thought but does your bumper have the indents in it for the number plate? perhaps these could be utilised in some way. I considered it, and possibly bolted to the rear ie inside but it was a bit of a faff!
  10. a conduit bender. The bends aren't great tbh due to them being next to each other. think it would have been easier to do two legs with a bend and to use a threaded coupler in between
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  11. I spent a few years wrestling a bender...:confused:
    When some 32mm conduit turned up I was to light to bend it..:)
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  12. Wrestling a bender !!!!
    Each to their own

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  14. :D
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