Spare wheel on the front!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Dec 12, 2016.

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    Yes. That is what I meant mate. Sounds like a good plan. :thumbsup:
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    Nowt wrong with a front spare wheel :)
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  3. I never liked the idea of having the wheel on the front, I was used to the clean front panel which I had on my old van. I didn't have the choice though when I bought my current van, it came with the spare wheel on the front and it is held on by a huge bracket someone welded to the front panel, so removal wasn't an option. Over time I have got used to it, and believe it or not, a lot of un-initiated people actually think that all buses are supposed to have the wheel on the front!
    You get used to it being there and I actually don't mind mine now, but it is essential IMHO that there is some sort of VW Roundel up there whether that be a hub cap or a nice cover...

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  4. Not so bad..
    there growing on me..
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  5. [​IMG] Purely for show, I carry foam and a compressor

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  6. Function over form .... anytime ;)

    I`ve got a spare on the front but keep forgetting the jack so i suppose it`s all a load of tosh where it`s kept :rolleyes:

    PS ..... Merry Christmas .... :beer:

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  7. Burp Merry Christmas

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  8. Up to now I have never had cause to use my spare and in fact I couldn't even if I wanted to as it is flat - the wheel rim has corroded so the tyre would not pump up, therefore it is a useless article on the front of my bus. I never did manage to get over to Somerset to pick up the wheels @NatchoNatchoMan was offering and so I do carry the obligatory can of Tyre Weld and a compressor. :)
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  10. Ive got alloys and forgot about the offset so used a carrier for standard wheel which sticks out a bit far. I wanted the wheel the right way around as it were but i think i will just fit a flat plate with bolts or one of those empi brackets.

    Oh yes, forgive the dodgyness of the construction, will look better with some paint and after all its only a trial one!
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  11. @physiopro ... you may recognise the fresh air grill!
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    See my PM :eek:
    That looks as you described. & BTW there's nothing wrong with that 'bug gap' now I've seen it in the flesh.

  13. Looks better without a tyre...:D
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  14. Perhaps I should stick a wheel on the front and carry the tyre in the back.
  15. Please note the Westy newspaper on the bumper!
  16. Mine was fitted on the front as part of the extras pack that the first owner specified, but its not resting on the bumper so makes the panel flex and lets water in. You'd have to get a pretty substantial bracket and fixings sorted to support the wheel up from the front bulkhead as well.
    Might need to compromise a bit and have it fitted inside - could your van's internal layout accommodate it being fitted to the back of the passenger seat bulkhead, then covered with a storage unit?
  17. Ta for that. Believe me the fixings are significantly more substantial than those holding most peoples wheels on the front. Not quite finished yet! The point is I want it out of the van. I don't have any bulkheads btw. If im not happy with it then I wont fit it permanently!
  18. Ah - I've seen the photos of your prototype now - is that 25mm steel conduit you've used?

    Edited: Sorry, I've seen the earlier photos now as well - 25mm conduit it is then.
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  19. just using stuff I have available for now. If it works and im happy might have it made up professionally.....or I might just bin the idea if im not
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