Spare wheel on the front!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Does a spacesaver spare exist and u could put it underneath?

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  2. IMG_0956.JPG IMG_0955.JPG IMG_0954.JPG
  3. Bit of a remake . Crash tested it with a big hammer and it didnt survive. Plan B
  4. IMG_0953.JPG
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  5. Painted it and stuck it on there for now. Forgive the dodgy badge, cover, not sure about those!

    IMG_0990 (002).JPG IMG_0991 (002).JPG
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  6. Looks ok that
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  7. Ta mate, and ta to @sANDYbAY for the inspiration.
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  8. Looks very tidy :thumbsup:
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  9. I quite like the wheel cover where did you get it from
  10. JamesLey

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    Like that a lot!

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  11. Cool and Chic

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  12. What's your plans for the one of robo?
  13. So the original wheel carrier isn't bolted thorough the front panel at all now, just attached to the conduit frame?

    Wondering ihere might be an option for me to do a hybrid version - keep the carrier bolted through the front panel, then just attach conduit legs to stop it wobbling about.

    Got to do something, mine flaps about like a p**** in a shirtsleeve.
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  14. If I aint happy with this one then I was going to use his.
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  15. I got it second hand but you can get em on ebay for about 50 or 60 quid. Someone added the badge. No idea what thats off!
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  16. What's wrong with it on the rear? I'm about to mount my spare on the rear of my moonraker as it came with the brackets !

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  17. Personal preference. I like unfettered access to engine bay, my rear fiammi cycle rack and etc. Also its a bit more weight on the front which aint a bad thing. Nowt wrong with rear carriers!
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  18. Swapped badge. Looks a bit better!

  19. Just guessing but you have one of the square brackets, the ones made from folded steel (as per what ive used, mounted to the frame as I have an alloy spare so it needs to be the "right" way around) Do you have a standard wheel or an alloy on the front. Standard wheels tend to gently touch the front panel which stops the wobble. alloys have a different offset and so there's a gap between wheel and front panel. this would mean it would wobble about!
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  20. I'm not usually a fan of wheels on the front, but that looks like a good solution.

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