Spare wheel on the front!

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  1. Wasn't someone on here running a 17 inch, but very narrow aluminium Mercedes space-saver as a spare?
  2. I stick mine on the mattress just at the rear door on top of a mat so it don't rub into the mattress ....just slide it off and into the awning when camped then either put it back on the back or roll it in on to the floor through the sliding door if i can't be bothered to lift onto the back .
    I know it's a bit of an arse doing it that way but i have got used to it ...i don't like them stuck on the back or front , as i like the look of the vehicles design to much .

    But can fully understand why people fit them that way ....just think stuck on the front looks like a child with a dummy in it's mouth or some sort of growth .
    Whilst i have no back trouble i will keep doing it that way ...the misses chucks a rug over the tyre on the floor as she thinks it looks untidy :rolleyes:.
    There is only us two in it so it doesn't really matter on the floor .
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  3. JT1


    Very possibly but have you seen the loads on some of those Sprinter vans :eek:!
  4. I don't really like them on the front does spoil the look,
    But a few on here fit in well ,
    must be when their colour coded..:thinking:
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  5. Nope.
  6. T25's have the right idea...;)

    but ,I agree with this...:hattip:
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  7. The top of the front bumper has about an inch of clearance under the top edge so its not too difficult to get a nut on. I agree that a couple of captive nuts would make it easier though. :thumbsup:

    Westfalia front mounted spare removed a chunk from the deformation panel to fit the spare then spaced the bumper out and fitted a plastic cover:



    Splitty single cab pickups had the spare hung in the treasure chest:
    Not sure if bays did too.
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  8. For those that don't like the aesthetics of the front with a wheel on it then that must be truly gut-wrenching! yuk
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  9. [​IMG]

    I'd take the tyre out and turn it into an outdoor beer cooler :thumbsup:
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  10. The T25 definitely gets it right The spare wheel and tyre form a part of the front impact protection jnder the cab floor.
  11. @sANDYbAY . Cant post pics on the dark side.started mocking a prototype thing with yours as my inspiration. 25mm galv conduit.

    Two 90s and then a kick in the middle to clear the panel. Need some bar for the feet and some cross braces for the carrier. Then some brackets for the top, probably through the grill slots. Stopped now till next week as no welder till i borrow one from work.



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  12. sANDYbAY

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    That's looking good so far. Are you doing the bottom feet the same as mine, captive nuts on feet fitting between the deformation panel and bumper and bolted down through holes in the bumper?
  13. That was the plan but might put some rubber feet on the tube so it stands on the deformation panel. Think yours is best ie bolted to bumper so no holes in deformation panel.
  14. IMG_1057.JPG Was going to weld some cross braces on, or a plate even and rather than drill them for the bolts to hold the wheel on i thought id use this!

    Its one of those cheapo wheel brackets, used to actually be on the front of my van years ago.

    Better pic

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  15. sANDYbAY

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    Is there enough depth to it to fit the wheel on without fouling the uprights?
  16. Think so. Will tack together and stick a whhel on before getting too excited but if not then a simple plate will suffice with nuts and bolts spacing it off appropriately, or indeed i could just fit longer bolts on the bracketty thing and space it off. Anyway i know a wheel used to fit on it and you could get the cover off and on!
  17. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Just a thought. I assume every front wheel is mounted with the recess towards the van and you might just need to weld your bracket onto the 'front' of the support tube rather than the rear.
  18. Poptop2

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    Will it need some form of support/cushioning at the top between bar and the front panel Chris?
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  19. Will be bracketed through the fresh air grill and attached to the air box similar to least thats the plan. Not intended to be waggling about if thats what you mean.
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