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  2. Slap it ont front
  3. Bloody hell a blast from the past, plus I think you got that spare wheel holder for 99p didn't you @matty :thumbsup:
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  4. I think it was had to drive 60 odd miles to pick it up though
    it’s still going strong but I did have to get a new cover after driving down the road with it down.
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  5. Haha ive done that quite a few times :)
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  6. I made one of these....Bolts to my tow bar.

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  7. I'm having a similar dilemma ATM, I'm considering putting it on the roof, as my new tyre/wheel combo won't fit in that westy spare wheel compartment anymore
  8. I reasoned that it doesn’t quite have to match the other four for the little use it’ll get. My spare is in the niche under the Westy cooker and still has the original sticker from when I bought it in 2006.

  9. My problem is I've bought 5 wheels and tyres all the same. So my spare won't fit inside. So it's either front,rear or roof
  10. That looks great. Didn’t make any plans or dimensions drawings did you by any chance
  11. I know this is an old ressurected thread, but having outbraked two other cars in my bus, I wouldnt have wanted the repair from having a rear mounted carrier smashed into the engine bay hatch and the panel.
    A bent rear bumper is a lot easier to swap out.
    On the front, it hasnt destroyed the metal work, but the tyre actually rests on the front panel so the paint suffers.
    Next time when I replace the lower front of the bus,(rust bubbles/holes ) I will fit a frame with the wheel on it.
  12. I keep meaning to paint the spare wheel i bought ages ago and get a tyre for it. This thread has reminded me to do it. I'll chuck it in the van when going away and under it when I'm there.
  13. I bet you don't do that more than once. Ask me how I know. :rolleyes:
  14. How do you know :)
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  15. I took it off the van when I sold it, I still have it somewhere I think....
  16. If anyone wants to go with spare on the front, I've got an original Holdsworth mount I've just taken off my van.

    I'm going with spare back inside!
  17. Out of curiosity what’s the original holdsworth Mount look like?
  18. This is the Holdsworth.

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  19. I’ve always had mine on top at the front. Sits on a teak cradle that is bolted through roof. Each of the cradles has a small gap in the centre that a strap feeds through and secures front and rear of wheel. Done thousands of miles with no problem. Also very easy to get at with foot on cabin ledge at side of seat. Adds a bit of weight to roof.....but I’ve got gas struts so no problem 40B23E6C-C9DF-4300-92A7-787D6AD5D074.jpeg
  20. Hi, can I ask where you got your gas struts from and were they in a 'kit'with brackets etc, I can't see them in your picture. I have the same roof as you and find its a bit heavy for an old 'uni like me.
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