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  3. what about one that fits on to the front bumper on a A frame with a bracket that fits through the hole in the middle of the front air vent.That's what a lot of Australian vw camper have . I got mine from gdaykombis but i'm not using it if you are interested in it let me no.
  4. I've never had to use my spare wheel so i got rid of it and replaced it with a can of tyre weld. Saved loads of space
  5. My spare wheel is under the passenger seat in the cab. Seems fine there.
  7. It's alright until some fat kid thinks it's a cool place to sit...
  8. I had mine on the front and hated it.
  9. how many MPG do you loose with something as big as a spare wheel on the roof ?
  11. Mine's always been on the front but two weeks ago I took off the carrier and now am a little bit in love with the naked nose look.

    My missus on the other hand thinks the front wheel look is groovy but once I said that people on LB feel that in an accident the front panel could cave in she's agreed with me.

    Looks like it's tyre weld for short trips, wheel in the back on the floor for camping. Viking conversions have a cupboard built over the wheel well...
  12. mines on roo bars on the front of our bus..old boy up the road had his bolted to the front panel on one of the mounts that bolts to the front panel. trouble was his bus rolled into his garden wall. only a few feet but completely knacked his front panel. oops. shame you cant get one of them merc spacesaver spare tyres, they collapsed and when you inflate them they pop out. they look like forklift truck wheels. not sure if the wheel nut pattern is the same.
  13. Have you seen anything like this for a Bay? Admittedly it is from the darkside (T25).

  15. I know what you mean. My spare is inside in the well at the back and gets chucked under the van when we camp. I also carry the dreaded 'tyreweld in a can' just in case.
  16. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

  18. I have a full length bench seat upfront and my spare wheel sits under that. I've never checked it though so in the event of needing it would probably find it's flat. Not even sure I have a jack tbh. If it ever stops raining I shall check...
  19. I'm currently on the lookout for a reasonably priced Audi 18" space saver wheel with the 125/70/18 tyre on it. I've looked around a lot, and the tyre is 99 load rated, which should be plenty enough to get me a couple of miles at limited speed to the nearest tyre garage.

    By the way, I do have an original jack, but I don't really fancy jacking on the jacking points of a 39 year old vehicle, so I have one of these stashed under the rock'n'roll bed:


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