Side overhead lockers

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  1. I'll PM you
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    IMG_1817.JPG IMG_1764.JPG heres mine
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    sjh done all the units and i fitted them he wasnt keen to do the overhads as they prefered to fit them due to interior variances, but i was happy to take the chance and they fitted fine
  4. How was it did you take any pics?
  5. Hi, I have been trying but, every time I try to upload the images it says the uploaded file contents don't match the file extension. They are jpg files and pictures so cannot see what is wrong with them???
  6. IMG_20171016_165543.jpg IMG_20171016_143704.jpg IMG_20171016_165552.jpg IMG_20171017_140649.jpg IMG_20171018_081758.jpg IMG_20171017_144641.jpg IMG_20171018_101834.jpg IMG_20171018_112446.jpg IMG_20171021_094856.jpg IMG_20171022_201011.jpg

    Finally did it, so here is a few tasters!
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  7. Yes very special!
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  8. Hi did you sell this or still available?

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