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  1. A long shot but, does anybody know of or have seen anywhere that does side overhead lockers, the kind of thing which sits above the side units rather than at the back? I think I have seen something like it on here but, not sure if somebody made it themselves.
  2. I think @Dicky has side cupboards in his camper
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    I think @sANDYbAY made some for his van - I do get things muddled these days though....
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  4. Vanwurks did them off the shelf but dont seem to be on their website anymore.
  5. Yep, made one but it was specifically for mine which is an odd beast!
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  6. How did you fix it to the roof?
  7. @sANDYbAY look at his build. wunderbar (as they say in deutschland)
  8. Not gonna be relevant as mines actually above the roof and bolted to my upstairs bed units. Difficult to explain but its a viking so almost a high top sort of arrangement
  9. I would but, it seems the photos have gone unless I am looking at the wrong post.
  10. Okay fine, I realise mines gonna be difficult to possibly do with it being a tin top but, I'm thinking a little extra space might be handy and I haven't even used it yet!
  11. I've built some in mine.
    shaped some timber strengtheners into the side with metal straps over.
  12. He'll be along in a minute to show photos. He did recently in a thread about expensive (other) interiors

  13. They seem to fit the bill, the only issue is I was hoping somebody sells em:(
  14. Id contact vanwurks then and see what the score is.
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  15. This is what they did. Nice looking unit. In steel i think with timber doors and lighting underneath.

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  16. Looks great. Is that recent?
    Don't remember seeing that when nosing around at t/e 2015 (although I was more interested in the capaciousness of the viking roof! :)
  17. The pic is the vanwurks one. Mines a bit less posh.

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  18. Emailed them, they do one, not easy to find but I got there, I'll see what they say, thanks
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  19. Looks good to me and got to have been loads cheaper :thumbsup:
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  20. Excellent!

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