Side overhead lockers

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  1. Cheers. Its pretty useful tbh. All my plates bowls and brewing up stuff live there.
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    Damn that Photobucket greed. :mad:
    I'll put them up again but will need to revert to my alter ego bobinpeterboro :thumbsup:
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  3. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    The last couple show one of the formers I'd made to get the shape correct and the last picture shows one of the five braces which due to the shape fit and support themselves and leave space for electrical wires to power the led lights which I've rebated into the woodwork. I've also rebated the curtain rail into the bottom of the cupboards so that the rail and the lights are hidden when you look at them from the front.

    p.s. They were an absolute pain in the a**** to make.
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  5. Impressive stuff, oh how jealous I am of the skills involved!:hattip:
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    Just as a matter of interest, how much would you expect to pay for four lockers like this froma proper interior company?
  7. That's craftsmanship, they're things of beauty!

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  8. What's the point , and there empty
    At least mine would be filled with Rum

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  9. Well the vanwerks one is a similar size but, with I think only 2 compartments and is £300, with led lights sand digital clock built in??
  10. Only 300. Get one for each side!
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  11. I'm getting 4 cos I'm having 2 on the outside also!:burp:
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  12. As soon as you start forming curves the cost trebles

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  13. Billy at G'day Kombis does them as part of a full rebuild - not sure if they'll do them separately though?

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  14. So here it is, Vanwerks ones will not fit a tin top and even if they did there not interested in selling anything but, the one they do with lights and integral clock for £299. So that's not an option then.
    I Will check them out too. Thanks
  15. No, not looking good G'day buses are for a poptop too so no joy, although they did help by saying they could fit me a poptop and side lockers if I wanted!
  16. Your looking bespoke then really. Seen many buses with em but unless its diy it wont be cheap. You may be surprised how little room you get for your dollar. What will they be used for as you may just be installing a headbanger without a purpose, or indeed space which is just a selection of gloveboxes. What do you currently have as an interior? Do you have a cloth headling?
  17. Just looking for some extra storage, got a bespoke wood interior from SJH but, with electric set up, fridge, gas bottle and water/waste water I don't actually seem to have much cupboard space left. I am not sure as I have not yet actually used it or packed it yet but, just thinking ahead for a possible plan if needed.
  18. Do Sjh do them?
  19. Try SJS camper interiors in Southport! Check out pics on his website. Definately does them. Possibly not as seperate items....who knows!
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  20. From what i can see on their website its listed as an option starting at £250 in bare ply. Webistes mighty slow!
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