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  1. They cannot do it either.

    Tried campershak and they can but would need to fit it in their shop as they say all tintop headliners are different and they need to make sure it fits! Obviously, that costs more.
  2. Why cant he do you one? Does he only sell a full kit?
  3. Your right I lied, I have not been able to contact them yet so are still a possibility but, am definitely running out of options.
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  4. I think the reason why stopped doing these is because they breach the minimum gap to the gas burners.
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  5. Is there one?
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  6. I thought there was, but I can't find it now
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  7. Not helpful at all but funny nevertheless!
  8. I might hsve tio make one out of sticky back plastic and washing up liquid bottle tops because my woodworking skills are non existent, a bit like over head lockers:oops:
  9. I have been looking this up and as usual there is some confusion and mixed advice. Just check what the minimum recommended distance the the hob manufacturer says in the installation instructions and you should be fine.
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  10. Merlin Cat

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    @yorkieman Have you looked at any of the other non T2 interior makers? Maybe they could knock you something up?
    We've always had the side lockers in our T4's and they get used for the little stuff you want to access at any time. Tea, coffee, paracetamol, torch, keys at night etc. They are handy by being small as you can't chuck a million things on top of the one thing you're looking for! Also easy access whether bed up or down. Mine were pop tops tho.
    Gas hobs in houses have minimum distances from other flammable items.
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  11. I have an SJS one cluttering up my garage but it will only fit a tintop
    I bought a complete interior from them last year but then had a poptop fitted and so it's surplus to requirements now
    I think it's finished in light oak
    let me know if you're interested
  12. Id be interested seeing it if you could post a pic!
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  14. pics of the SJS overhead side unit, it's about 6' long

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  15. If @yorkieman isnt interested. i may be. Pm me what your after and where abouts you are. Might need a few dimensions too.
  16. I would be intrested in dims also thanks
  17. I'm making an overhead shelf, with dividers, instead of a locker. It's an excellent place for small things you often need easy access to, like torch, teabags, etc.

    Nothing too complicated, although I'm going to try to use steamed 3mm ply to get rounded corners at each end. Will post photos when done.
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  18. Sorry, I have been otherwise engaged doing Everest Base camp for the last 2 weeks since the 14th Oct or so and missed this, If you haven't already done a deal with the others interested then I may be depending on price.
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  19. You dont deserve it then with your lar de dar everest base camp..... whats up with skeggy like the rest of us!

    Anyway..... i expressed an interest but deferred to yourself for first dibs as it was your thread in the first instance.
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