Shootings in Paris

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  1. people have been shot in Paris, 30 people reported dead
  2. Yes - see the drone thread.
  3. Cheers just read it, frightening
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  4. Just found out.I am afraid this is going to be Europe's future.Major civil unrest in Germany is inevitable.Thank God UK and Australia are islands....
  5. If the cops here stop a lorry full of stowaway passportless people trafficked or god knows who, do you know what they do here? They arrest the driver, give the rest of them the details of an asylem centre and bid them good day. What would they do in Australia?
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  6. Authority in the UK is a charade now, they've laid everyone off - if someone seriously said boo to it, it wouldn't take much. IMO
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  7. Terrordales

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    The Australian government bribes the people smugglers to take the refugees back to Indonesia.
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  8. After the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French had more cops on the case, in paris, than we have in all the UK. So I just heard some expert say on the BBC.
  9. Its a lycheeed up world but it always will be
    The sad thing is people will profit for there own pocket from this misery
  10. What?
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    No doubt the secret squirrel lot will have heard chatter about it.....

    Of course not in any sort of useful way.
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  12. Straight in and sorted out the hostage situation I've just heard it's over. Hat's off to them. I hope it went as well as it could.
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  13. No. The sad thing is that a large number of innocent people have been murdered!
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  14. It hapens everyday we just react to those the media put in our face
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  15. .
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  16. Australian navy turns back boats from Indonesia.If boat is unseaworthy asylum seekers are put into lifeboat just outside territorial waters of Indonesia.Apparently also one boat was stopped a few months ago and Indon crew given US dollars to turn around.Other measures are that any 'illegal maritime arrival"after 19 July 2013 will not be resettled in Australia and are sent to detention on Nauru or Christmas Island or Manus Island in PNG.
  17. I see - a proper island.
  18. sANDYbAY

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    Yeah, they don't want all those horrible dirty refugees messing up their country.
  19. Terrordales

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    Certainly not, all those horrible dirty English backpackers messing up our country are bad enough. :p
  20. One day some kid in a back room of a flat in brum will develop some software to decipher the internet forum full stop on its own

    After that becomes mainstream the world will collapse and we will be riled by a tribe of baboons
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