FOR SALE Seat covers professionally upholstered to original VW patterns

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  1. Bernard the Beetle :)
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Fully refurbed seats front & rear with door cards to match.
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  2. Snow White
    Nice new years present for a customer who's T25 is at Accrington beetles & campers for a full refurb. These are the cab door cards (cut to accept speakers & tweeters) & sliding door card done in Snow White & Blue.
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  3. Fit for a King or Queen? Definitely a ruler of some sort!

    These high back '72 Cali import beetle seats covered in Royal Blue with a Classic White piping. Started life like this -
    I enjoyed working these :)
  4. Navy & latte original seats fully restored, including new seat pads & covers.
  5. Looking good .
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  6. Dan-Air wedding van fully kitted out with hessian sacking (coffee bean sacks) trimmed door cards & bespoke seating.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  7. A nice pair!
    Of buddy seat tops in Navy with contrasting piping :)
  8. Very nice
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  9. Summer bump.... See anything you like? Contact me for further details :)

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