FOR SALE Seat covers professionally upholstered to original VW patterns

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  1. Just met a thoroughly nice fellow TLBer @GONA66 who brought a pair of seats for me to cast my eye over & price for a retrim.
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  3. Grahame are these the same or very similar to your seats but without the headrests?
  4. I thought they might be the same! So it seems your seats are not uncommon. Strange that they have headrests being earlies. No problems however I will simply pattern them. When do you want me to take them in for stripping? I am going to PM you ;)
  5. Following on from my Door Card For Sale thread. 1972 Beetle door cards & matching re-upholstered Ricaro front passenger seat. Also pictured - Newly re-upholstered Beetle rear bench seat base. Bench seat back & drivers seat to follow.... All done in Rosso & Dune vinyl.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  6. quality work
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  7. Further to the above. Completed rear bench seat in Rosso & Dune. This seat has benefitted from our seat cover fitting service with a little something added to plump the back rest & seat base, should be lovely & comfortable.
  8. After seeing your nice red ones Mrs Deefer (@fafs) fancies a grey set with cream piping and double stitching.. But apparently there's 50 shades of grey! don't know where she gets that idea from? Do you have anywhere to look at colours
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  9. I can send some samples to you if you like. PM me your address. :thumbsup:
  10. Hi my latest project has stock seats in the front a single and a double can you make covers for these seats ??
  11. In a word, yes! What year is the vehicle?
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  12. Completed Ricaro beetle full retrim after a short wait for the customer to allow access to all the seats. Really pleased with these!
  13. he is a 74 tintop - single drivers seat - double passenger seat -
  14. Ricaro Beetle seating fitted - Top Job!
    Seats finished in Rosso & Dune faux leather.

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  15. Latest project early beetle seats in Cream with dark grey piping.
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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