FOR SALE Seat covers professionally upholstered to original VW patterns

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by SweeneyTodd, Feb 25, 2015.

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  3. Hot Chocolate!

    Nice Late Bay seat covers in Ambla New Richmond Chocolate vinyl fabric.
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  5. T25 seats yes, will check on the westy plaid for you. Pm me your requirements :thumbsup:
  6. i have the westy plaid already
  7. Then yes, what colour for the rest of the cover?
  8. hmm probably dark green?

    like this: [​IMG]


    i have the same three seats needing doing
  9. With headrests? Are the headrests covered already?
  10. Ah slight problem, not able to cover the headrest due to the hole but can do a solid cover if you want to fill the hole?
  11. Do the T25 seats require armrest covers?
  12. yes, they are the ones with adjusters on, ill get some pics, do you fit the covers aswell? i could drop the seats off
  13. Damn, now I need to find some t25 captains chairs, they look superb!
  14. Here are some pics of how they look currently, was meant to be temporary before we got them recovered, that was 8 years ago!!!!

    And yes it is currently being used for storage!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. @pkrboo are they hard to come by? Not bothered about the folding seat but would definitely like to get hold of some cab seats at some point
  16. i got mine form scrapyards when i lived in america, took me three seats to make 2 good ones. fairly hard to find in the UK, but not impossible
  17. Thought that'd be the case, I might look into adapting the seat frame to take some arm rests from another vehicle
  18. Yes although they are a pig to fit I can fit the covers at extra cost. I will need an existing cover off the seats, an armrest & the headrest anyway so maybe prudent to drop the seats off. How desperate are you? Maybe a tlb courier could help get them up here?

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