FOR SALE Seat covers professionally upholstered to original VW patterns

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by SweeneyTodd, Feb 25, 2015.

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  5. Hiya , how much for a pair of late by seat covers ,the same as flakey as posted above , in a tan with off white centers and piping , dont want to use the head rests cheers
  6. Hi
    Do you mean tan basketweave or plain tan vinyl fabric with ivory centres & ivory piping?
  7. I am looking for a pair of late bay covers (same as flakey's seats) for a westy. These would be in dark grey (plain) with blue piping with head restraints and 1 needs to be closed back.
  8. hiya , not basket weave thanks sweeny
  9. Hi were are located i would like some covers made i have a single and double
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  10. Sunny Preston Lancashire, what year seats do you have, what colour & style do you have in mind. PM me :thumbsup:
  11. Hi,

    How easy are these to fit and does the original fabric need to be removed? Also do you have a list of fabric types?


  12. I am on with a full set of 87' mexican Beetle seats at the mo - so yes but if they are not standard or if they are later model seats, supplier will need covers to pattern :)
  13. Fairly simple to fit & yes og fabric needs removing. List of fabric - yes you can have maritime industry standard vinyl - colour of your choice
  14. Hello I am after a set of covers for my late bay, would like the original basket weave tan colour if possible .could you give me an idea on price please ? thanks
  15. Hi can do a tan/caramel basketweave but it is mega expensive. Do you want headrest covers?
  16. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    Can I just mention @Sweeney Todd that Martrim in cheshire do basketweave in all colours inc the darker brown at very reasonable price.
    I've still not done anything about mine yet, soon
  17. hi just going off what I have been told, I don't source the fabric for the supplier only plain fabric for the interior panels that I produce, but thanks anyway I shall look into that as I know they will sell fabric by the metre if requested. :thumbsup:

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