Scooby conversion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razzyh, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. 160bhp ish
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  2. I can feel a rolling road session coming on once I have a running engine :)
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  3. Could be a long wait.......

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  4. :theforce:
  5. It's all about the torque for me, tons of it
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  6. Reliability for me, but give it a year and then maybe I’ll get bored change my mind and get 2.5
  7. Need the torque too to tow the rapido behind the bus - but the extra grunt over the old 1600 will be a welcome change
  8. Took my mate our in it too night and straight away he could tell the difference, he said I defo dont need a turbo
  9. apparently the best time to do it is when i am trying to sleep 10ft away!! :)
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  10. Going turbo would be a lot of work but would keep you out of mischief over the cold winter months!!
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  11. Done the other side tonight. Considering I paid someone to do this around 4 years ago it’s yellow snow poor. Hub was also full of grease, way too much.

    With need to look at rears soon.
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  12. Day time I guess:D
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  13. And I thought I was the king of complete neglect of any form of maintenance....

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