Scooby conversion

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  1. That’s the man to go to if you want an engine built. I call him the van whisperer!

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  2. Marks bay?

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  3. no west monkey bikes
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  4. Bit more done last night. Nothing exciting, took exhaust off and took it to mike Haussmann for a lambda boss to be welded in.


    That is some sweet welding.

    Going to refit this morning.
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  5. And it’s all back together


    Boss is in a nice convenient area and easy to get to should I need.

    When you think it’s all done... there’s still lots of tiding up to do
  6. Are we all going to see it at Techenders look forward to seeing it ...Well done fella it's quite a comitment and to stick at it really is the only way to get things done swiftly.
    Well the projects i have done with mega commitment requires an understanding wife ...and that's half the battle .
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  7. Yes TE should be good.

    MOT next week and if it fails then I’ve got a week or so to sort it out.
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  8. Just seen you`re near Heathrow ..
    If you need any welding there`s only one bloke i`ve found in the area who will do an excellent job for reasonable money .
    He occasionally gets on here , @Tony boone .
    Welded in a new floor , outriggers , sills ,repaired the `B` posts etc etc for me and has done repairs for others on here .

    Drop him a PM or PM me and i`ll pass on your details ...

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  9. I’m hoping it’s nothing major like that
  10. Sorry for the thread hijack mate , i was pointing @Kingcal in the right direction for a local welder :oops:

    Top work with the Scooby though , most impressive - so pleased it all came together after all you strife with the T4 :thumbsup:

  11. Oh yes, see you tagged him now
  12. Cheers @Lasty - will drop him a PM and go from there!
  13. Unfortunately mot failed on brake bias valve, which I’ve since repaired. Unfortunately the garage is now closed, so will take back next week.

    Emissions passed ok

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  14. Took the youngest out for a cheeky ride, all going well and he’s asking his questions. Engine all fixed.... yup... no more big trucks... I hope so says I.... silence for a bit and then he asks it.... what oil
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  15. Shortened sump done.


    Still got brakes to do but they are behaving for now so that can wait a week.
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  16. Want my calipers to use in between?
  17. I think I’ll be ok cheers
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  18. Having upgraded to scooby I thought I better get the front end up to scratch.

    I think I’ve had my monies worth from these pads


    These have also seen better days


    Thankfully I was prepared and had purchased new pistons and new seals.

    Wheel bearing doesn’t sound too good

    But again I was prepared, gave it all a good clean and put new ones back on. Tbh the bearings looked ok but they weren’t decent quality. I’ve put meyle back on.

    Now the other side to do.
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  19. Im installing some EBC Greenstuff pads to supplement my extra braking requirements once the bus is back from Mikes and I finally manage to get the bus running
    Im hoping new pads upfront, rebuilt and adjusted rear drums and a remote servo should reign in the 170/180bph sufficiently
  20. Well having seen @Mattlad do his at TE. I thought I’d give him a run for his money on just how bad they were.
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