Scooby conversion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Razzyh, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Just drive over speed bumps carefully!! :thumbsup:
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  3. Envy perhaps?
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  4. Yeh what ever you do don’t rip the arse out of it :D you could fit a blade on and cut the pitch .
  5. Is your van lowered?
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  6. Just a touch and by a touch I mean massively!!
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  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Good work @Razzyh, fair bloody play to you!
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  8. Superb work!
    How did you source your engine?
  9. He got it from nick tune.

    BUT I have one for sale.....
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  10. Top work, sounds great!

    After seeing @Pickles conversion when I went to pick up a bumper from him last year, I’m also going down that route. Need to find someone who can weld though!
  11. What's your location
  12. Van is over near Heathrow, stuck in a garage without any power which doesn’t help matters!
  13. Who is nick tune? Does he supply suitable engines?

    Haha I have seen your advertisement and believe me , I would love to take it off your hands, but I just don't have the cash. About to do a beam swap that's chewed up my spare pennies.....
  14. Nick tune does supply suitable engines with looms already modded. He is on Facebook forums etc.

    Mine is a nick tune loom at a similar price to what he sells them but had a few bits already changed
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  15. Nick also supplied my loom, engine and 5 speed box!
    Along with the gearbox mount and hub adaptors - top fella and great price, all the other equipment is from RJES, Ebay and Carbuilder Solutions
    Exhaust is getting fabricated specially due to my low ground clearance by the custom exhaust magician Mike Hausmann of vintagevolkshaus!
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  16. Nah no Subaru engine could ever make me envious
    This is Envy !

    If you're gonna do you've got to do it properly
    And unfortunately my Wife forbids me
    To throw any more money at it:)
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  17. They can’t even do a three point turn. I won’t be getting one of those!!!!
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  18. Even struggled to spin the wheels and do burnouts. That’s not exciting at all.

    I’m not surprised your wife won’t let you waste any money, if that’s what you want to spend it on
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  19. Even as an impressionable teenager I could never understand, killing tyres, oil, drive train etc just for the sake of it.
    It would appear that at 47 my opinion remains unchanged.
    Now, where's Fellows number......
  20. I thought it was for sale?

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