RHD Dec 72 westfalia continential

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  1. Wow what work you're doing. Fantastic! You'll have it better than factory very soon.
  2. I do rate the EBC pads ,I have the standard EBC stuff on the Audi and unlike the cheaper discs they don't rust half as much so I thought I'd try the green stuff pads , a lot better than the mintex pads I first had on the bus ,definately better braking ...
    They were the most expensive bit of the whole brakes ......
    The bus has only been 21 years in the making ...
    Slowly slowly catch the super charger monkey
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    Sadly I'm not aware you can get green stuff pads for standard bay brakes.
    When I got my 2nd bus, the servo brakes were amazing - easily as good as any car, but the pads were worn right down so I replaced them. The brakes were never the same again. It could have been the new piston position, but I'm convinced it was the quality of the pads.
  4. good old asbestos pads , new ones are crap in comparison .
  5. [​IMG]


    clearance is close



    is there enough to get the centre cap on


    money shot

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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Some nice machining going on there mate. :)
  8. redesigned the hub shaft for supercharger longterm project drive , i`ve machined out the smog pump bearing support for bigger bearings which it will house two SKF bearings to support the pully drive to the SC . No idea really what im doing but i couldn`t find a short enough decent coupler so i had to make one , the spider is from a coupler i had


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    You have my attention now:thumbsup:

    Forced induction is so much fun
  10. People have said no don't bother ! I didn't want to go upright cooling or Porsche cooling as it takes up to much room , I figured that if I kept the standard cooling then the engine would be better of , rightly or wrongly I'm going blow through dells with either a mini or merc eaton 45 aiming for lowish 6 psi , long term project mind .
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  11. revisited the hand brake cable as wasn`t happy with the route, stainless tube turned down from 15mm wall section to 2mm wall section along the whole lenght as it was the only tube i could get with the correct size bore . Then bent using a plumbers tube spring :confused: just



    also had this arive today , not sure what it is yet but will try to fit it somewhere

  12. loads of stuff not worthy of pics but still researching the SC route ,aquired a set of 40 dells that i`m turbo proofing and making the turbo hats /mod plate and a custom carb linkage ..


    being machined i can garrantee its flat and it will seal under pressure, built in mod plates 2mm smaller than the venturis to allow higher pressure in the float bowl
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  13. Nice machining :cool:
  14. Are you a "Toolmaker" by any chance !
  15. Machinist toolmaker by trade (rover/BMW) but for the last 12 years have worked in R&D for a pharmaceutical company with some cool machines to play with . This is all quite simple stuff that I fit in my lunch break , we make some cool stuff at work
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  16. A few more bits , Turbo Hats again machined from billet to achive flatness . 2 x 132mm O ring groove machined around base to achieve total sealing , you can see in behind a CB base and all the silicone needed to seal as they are only cast items ,


    Also machined a slighty larger stainless steel SC pulley with a bigger offset to allow better positioning of charger


    And finally as i`m a tight ass 4 x Venturi for 40 dells

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  17. DUDE - I have a Westy 72/73 just like yours - IN BITS :) I long for the day it looks like yours though ;-) Started two weeks ago on it. Same interior etc. Looks great!
  18. Oh HELLO ;)

    I'd missed the charger update!! Nicely done that man :D
  19. Paul Weeding My main plan is getting it fitted first then worry about the rest ....

    I have to say the rear brakes work great especially the handbrake ,you only have to pull the lever two clicks .....

    will have to pick your brains re. dizzy and Dell 40`s .......
  20. As you've made your pulley adaptor, you could run a stand alone missing tooth system!! :thumbsup:

    Just mount a missing tooth timing wheel on the charger pulley, mount the pick-up and you're pretty much away!! :) The hardest thing it setting the pulley up in the correct orientation in regards to the sensor!! :)

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