RHD Dec 72 westfalia continential

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  1. Thanks ....it's only 3 years in the making .....what with the j tubes and new servo ,2 kids a full time job plus all the other little bits I have to do to pay for my hobby ( keep the wife happy ) I need to sort the linkage for the injection ...and a bit of wiring ...

    Just lagged the j tubes but going to change the of rings on the pushrod tubes as after 25+ years they is a leaking
  2. so stripped all the Heat exchangers off the old girl and started the mohasive task of refurbing them .....these need a bit of brazing ....the HX will need a fair bit of work


  3. [​IMG]

    bit of paint on the J tube Lower tins
  4. [​IMG]
  5. bit better pic

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  6. Brilliant work!

    I was quite pleased with my carefully hand crafted bits of aluminium, they don't look quite so slick now........

    Look forward to seeing how you get on with fire up :)
  7. After a few non start issues , I made a Hotstart relay , this was after naw solenoid but still didn't work so managed to trace it back to a split ignition switch

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  8. Top work fella puts my conti to shame
  9. I have a earlier style ignition switch spare if you need it

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  10. Bought new switch from heritage £15 . All in and working a treat
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  11. Reading this is sometimes like reading a foreign language as I don't understand most of it but I can still appreciate the amount of time, effort and skill that's gone into this, top job mate
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  12. Installed the AFR /Lamda sensor but installed most of the other stuff I need for when I install the supercharger and FI setup


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  13. This thread gives the rest of us mere mortals something to aspire to
    Thank you
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  14. Spax up front ....


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  15. Poptop2

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    Tidy work as usual.

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