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  1. thats one tasty looking bit of kit..let us know how you get one once its set up and tweaked!
  2. Have you got that on yet kev need an update lol what you playing at :D
  3. kev


    old beam off that was straight forward enough
    new one all fiitted it just needs tightning up
    pretty easy to fit so far instructions nice and clear
    i think if there had been two of us i could have just loosened what they sent me and fitted it as one unit this would have saved a hour or so
    as it was i followed the instructions for a change

    the only problem ive come across so far is there isnt a bracket for the brake servo
    on the web site it does show a bracket but i think thats a old picture as simon as wrote that you dont need a brake servo ??
    so im going to see if i can make something apart from that it all looks like a good bit of kit only time will see

    {im not a mechanic or anything i just like playing with me van}

    total time spent so far is
    2.5 hours stripping old beam/ gear lever /brake servo/ steering box etc
    and 3 hours fitting new suspension
  4. "don't need a servo" is rubbish if you already had one! What are you supposed to do, get a new master cylinder, re-route brake pipes and wiring because he made a non-servo one? I'd have sent it back.
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  5. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I'm in agreement with Zed. You need a servo. The set ups of non servo and servo are different.

    Lime79's came with a servo plate that needed welding to the cross beams. Our concern was that it wasn't quite big enough to weld to both cross beams so a bracket needed to be made. This really was ill conceived as an idea.
  6. Dont need a servo lmfao

    That comment has put me off dealing with this company

    Lots of people have told me over the years what i need or what i dont need and it yellow snowes me off
    How can anyone understand my needs unless i sit down with them and go through my ideas and intended usage of the vehicle or whatever it is?

    I dont listen to people that TEll me what i need anymore

    I listen to the advice of those that listen to what i require somthing to do

    Paul weeding maybe a slowcoach when its come to my bus and i know a lot of members are wondering how im staying so calm
    I know im in good hands with paul though as hes gone through all sorts of details with me about how i want certain things to be
    He knows im a bit ocd and a stresshead and he communicates well with me and discusses stuff as to put my mind at rest
    As he does this it leaves me calmer and allows me the confidence to leave some desicions up to him

    Yeah my bus is taking an eternity but good things come to those who wait and by eck my bus will be one good thing of that im sure

    Dont need a servo ffs thats proper riled me
  7. kev


    i agree about sending it back but thats not rearly a option now ive stripped everything down and fitted it

    im going to take the old one of my beam and get that welded to the cross beam or get a new one made if i carnt get it of
    bit of a pain in the ass rearly but the vans my girlfriends daily drive so i need it back on the road by monday

    these are the little things that make a product good or bad

    rearly dont know why they dont just fit them as standard its not like its a big job if you got the tools around u
    i havnt got a welder so its a bit of a problem for me
  8. Hope it goes well Kev. I was considering one of these kits but its sounded like a bit of a mare for you.
  9. kev


    thanks foxy
    i dont want to put anybody of from having this set up as it rearly does look a good bit of kit and if it drives as well as they suggest it will be worth it

    red9 do a fitting service for about £450 so i dont think it would be late or be any problems then
  10. I'm guessing that you can't fit a servo due to the fact the the steering link UJ goes through where the servo would mount...

    but I know that, as I've already given thought to my set-up, so I know I need to re-engineer how the servo is installed!!
  11. kev


    hello paul steering link uj is under the frame so not in the way servo just need a bracket

    van is sat on axle stands as well as the bricks :)

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  12. What a hassle - you're taking it pretty calmly!
    It looks like the og bracket wouldn't span where it needs to.
    Good luck for getting it on the road for Monday, but it might be better to get them to send you a pukka bracket to weld on...

    Note that the bracket on the og beam is set at an angle to point at the brake pedal, you need to mock it all up and tack the bracket to your beam to ensure it's in the right place at the right angle.
  13. kev


    thanks for the heads up about the angle of the bracket zed

    i am carm no point in being anything else
    just spoke with me garage its going in there monday morning for a new bracket to be made and re do the brake lines
    apart from that its all done
    im still happy with the look of the product and apart from these to problems it fits rearly well
    ive saved 450 by doing it myself less what the garage will charge me so im happy about that
    time for a wash and a pint now
    im getting to old for rolling around the floor anymore:)
  14. Sell me the servo bits and I will send you a non servo set up
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  15. You need to play the long game - In the end I got servo, M/C, reservoir and rod on ebay for £45. All now fitted and dandy.
  16. Interesting, I ordered mine mid Jan so 6-8 weeks is early March to mid March so lets see. That said i am not in that much of a rush still welding and painting. But, I must say from what I have heard the early set up had its problems but, its been sorted now so looking forward to getting a good bit of kit. I did contact them a few times and they have always responded straight away and specifically asked about servo mounting and they said it fits a standard servo set up. so maybe they have changed it?

  17. I'd be on the phone to check if I was you. Even if you don't have a servo at present it's a days work or less to add one and you might want to.
  18. Seems silly not to just fit them, and that way you have the option to add a servo at a later date if you so wish :cool:
  19. kev


    may be they dont fit them as the system is designed so you fit it in sections if they weld the brackets on this wouldnt be as easy
  20. If a front axle suspension "upgrade" can't have a servo bracket it would be a crap design? The one pictured on their site has two - for LHD and RHD. I suspect it's a cock-up covered with bull-Marmite. :)

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