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  1. It's all plated if you go and weld a bracket it's going To look apple to say the least . Could you not bolt a nice stainless plate on
  2. kev


    hello lhu1281 i will see what the garage says tommorow but i do agree welding a bracket will look Marmite

    zed ive just had a look at the bracket on my old beam and it looks allmost straight should it have been at more of a angle

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  3. No, it's not much, that's why I pointed it out. :thumbsup:
  4. Just thought I would add been back up at red9 today and I mentioned your dilemma and they said they would of sent you a bracket that would bolt on they are nice blokes had mine rechecked and now bedded in nice its first class
  5. kev


    Hello msdvdub thats good of them but not much use to me as i needed the van back on the road asap { i did try ringing friday afternoon but phone was off each time }

    servo bracket should come as standard or they need to change there picture on the web site

    great looking piece of kit thou i drove it around the block and the steering was great
    im going to take it on motorway later so i will report back
    im happy with the product so far

    i should rearly realise by now that nothing bolts straight on after restoring my van
  6. Oh yes I did two vans one everything fitted easy as it should and the other has been a Pain to say the least nothing went right every job was a chalange I'm sure its possessed by some evil spirits lol glad you got it sorted I can't believe the difference in handling and ride quality :cool:
  7. kev


    ive been hearing a knocking sound when i drive and i thought it may be the bearings so ive fitted new bearings with the new suspension but the banging was still there turns out the balance weights on the wheels had come loose and where sliding around all good now
  8. Oh dear panic was setting in there I bet what do you think to the ride quality top notch
  9. kev


    so far so good i havnt had time to go on motorway but the few little trips ive had have been great
    steering is lighter more responsive
    im not rubbing the arches now when i hit potholes which is a bonus

    so after my first few problems im so far a happy chap

    mods ive had to do
    remove brake pipe brackets
    i have had a new servo bracket welded on and i had to have the brake lines re routed i have allso had to fit a bracket to move the hand brake cable over a little as it was hitting the servo apart from that it has bolted straight on
    will report back once ive been on the motorway
  10. Cool motorway driving is great runs arrow straight :cool:
  11. I'm glad you like the red9 kit. As Birdy mentioned, my set up needed a servo bracket made up and welded on. It was no biggie for me and I can under stand why one is not there as standard. It would cost extra to fabricate and not every bus has a servo.
  12. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I hear what you're saying Stefan but it would help a lot and not cost Red9 any exact if they offered a servo bracket already welded in place.

    I have to say that the steering really is super light and responsive compared to the original set up. It was quite fun testing yours through the streets of down town Croydon ;)
  13. I would just like to point out the main reason they don't include a servo bracket as std is that there are quite a few different size servos out there so not all std size but if you do require a servo bracket they do supply one that bolts onto there beam Simon at red9 gave me the heads up on this thought I would share it
  14. kev


    suspension has been on for a while now and im loving it definetley worth the time and effort

    i have about a inch of play in the steering wheel thou is this correct the play looks like it is in the box
  15. Looking at this kit for our 74 bay. Have you still got it? Any further thoughts a few years later?

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