red9 design front suspension

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kev, Dec 14, 2012.

  2. :lol: I'll pass... I've heard that they don't like it when you question the quality of their product :lol:
  3. kev


    i take it people dont like this bit of kit then

    mine is being delivered in january so we will have to see how we get on with it
    ive seen it at a show and it looks a good bit of kit and i carnt find any bad reviews about it
    time will tell
  4. It is a good bit of kit... a lot better than their original slap on a set of coilies system!!

    only real issue I can see with it, is it does hang down quite low under the bus... :thinking:
  7. kev


    getting a bit worried now :eek: :eek:

    ive been trying to read up on this system for months and didnt find anything bad about it
    it is a expensive bit of kit if there are problems with it

    as for it hanging low i have a rad under the body so it shouldnt be any lower than that will it ????
  8. Kev - have a word with Dogndubs Marc off here, his scooby powered panel van had the Red9 kit fitted, he thought it was brilliant!
  9. kev


    thanks for that i know the van your talking about its got the same engine converstion as mine
  10. cool! pop some pics up when you are setting up!
  11. Here's a pic...


    The steering rack is the lowest point, which isn't exactly ideal... i think it was over on VZi that someone said they got rid of theirs as it kept hitting the ground... whether they meant the rack or other bits of it I can't remember...
  12. I don't know squat about the testing but.... far as insurance is concerned , I am with Cherished, when I put Red9 products on my bus I informed them by phone and the guy just said "sweet, thanks for telling us" - got a new note from them stating the changes. Like many things as long as you tell them most companies are happy.
  13. Same with me on the insurance guys, just let them know I'd replaced the front beam with a red 9 kit and they were all ok. It is a lovely bit of kit and I'm happy with the dollars I spent. Sold my old front end on as well which brought the price down very nicely :)
  15. You sure? No automotive engineer myself but isnt there a difference between the loadings when at rest and those whilst moving and cornering. Would have thought the forces would be spread across both? btw looks a bit kin nice to me! damned site better than the crusty 40 year old beam on mine!
  17. My partners dad is getting one of these for his splitty, he's ancient so I guess I won't make much difference to his insurance bu at least I can advise him to let the company know. Cheers for the info.
  19. kev


    wot can i say i aint a engineer
    ive paid me money i will now have to take me chances
    if they are as bad as some of you are saying surly there would be bad feedback everywhere and a company wouldnt last very long would it

    plus it comes with a 12 moths warranty so if it doesnt do what it says on the packet i can send it back ;) ;)
  20. I know a few people who have one fitted, and I haven't heard of any bad comments, only that there ace!!!

    If they are bottoming out you have to ask how low they have taken it? :thinking:

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