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  1. wrong . Test kit was sent out by post and I posted it back . Results were emailed two days later . Same for Bowel cancer . One blood one poo
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  2. Then I apologise, I have never come across any form of blood test that requires a sample to be taken at home - I am genuinely surprised at that.
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    I have been asking for a prostate check since I turned 46 and my doctors have refused stating I am too young. I am now 58 and was told they don’t carry out prostate checks till patients turn 75.

    I once asked the same doctors why they did’nt do ‘well man clinics’ anymore and was told they do and start them at 50 on a 5yr cycle. I then explained I was 55 and had never been contacted. They invited me in for a check up 2 days later…..but after 12yrs of asking they still will not do a prostate check on me.

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  4. Merlin Cat

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    That’s bad. Can you ask if they have anyone specific for men’s health? My sister was after HRT and had a useless Doctor who kept putting her off, eventually she asked to see the Menopause specialist and finally got HRT.
  5. Me too. Never heard of it. Was it a finger prick test?
  6. That is ridiculous. Have you been asking for a prostate test, or a PSA test. Surely every man is entitled to ask for a PSA test. :thinking:
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    I had a test a few years ago and had raised levels, I had the test done because I was peeing fairly frequently. Further tests showed it was an enlarged prostrate with nodules on it that was pressing onto my bladder, fortunately there's nothing sinister going down there and I take Tamsulosin once a day to reduce the swelling and stop peeing so often. So yes do it.
  8. matty

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    Be a bit careful with the kits I did one as there was a prostate charity giving them out.
    You prick your finger and fill up a tube with blood by squeezing your finger.

    The results came back sky high so went to the DRs who had never heard of this type of test and was surprised the results could be so high.
    3 blood tests over 3 weeks later as my DR wanted to be sure all the results were well below
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  9. That's why I initially commented - I've never had any NHS blood-related test that is done at home. There are a few things that can have an effect on the PSA level, such as exercising and err, hanky panky..... the guidance is to have neither for two days prior to a PSA test. It's not always relayed to patients and I had to rebook a PSA blood test as I'd been to the gym the day before so the surgery refused to take a sample. There are also guidelines for amount of time a PSA blood sample needs to be tested within, my last one was done at a hospital phlebotomy dept as it would be tested on-site within a few hours of the sample being taken.
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  10. I took Tamsulosin 400mg once a day for about three years but unfortunately the effectiveness eventually wore off - I have also read that it can return a false/lower PSA level when tested, which I am going to discuss at my next appointment.
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  11. Sounds like you've been overlooked for the NHS Health Check -

    Even if you don't have any symptoms of prostate issues you can still request a PSA test:'s currently no screening programme,benefits would outweigh the risks.

    You might have to be persistent/insistent with your particular doctor's surgery.
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  12. That’s disgraceful treatment (or lack of it) from your GP / Surgery.

    Unfortunately, when “some” people get letters in front or behind their name they seem to think they’re better than the rest, Doctor’s in particular.

    Harold Shipman, no explanation necessary

    Ultra Marathon Dr who got in her car between Manchester and Liverpool because her legs were sore, and finished 3rd.

    The Dr who was using his “own cream” in his secretary’s coffee … to name but a few.

    I’d move surgery if it was me, using the PSA refusal as the reason.

    Dr Tasker … he liked to play God too

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  13. I phoned the doctors a year or so back. Hurt to wee, had a temperature etc. Got prescribed antibiotics (this was back when they didn't want to see anyone) took them. That evening I had a temperature and felt so rough. Rang 111and was told to go to a and e. They said definitely a infection. Did tests said no urine infection, chest xray. Nothing. Bloods said infection, almost sepsis but they didn't know where. Got admitted, ultrasound on bladder etc, prostate. All seemed OK. PSA came back at 11. He said it was so high. I still have no idea what the range is. They put it down to Prostatis. Loads of antibiotics and no finger up the bum so all turned out well. Was proper unwell though.....had a follow up at the hospital. PSA went down to normal and discharged
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  14. Merlin Cat

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    You’re not in Banbury are you? I used to go to a Dr Tasker, though he would be a million by now!
  15. No this was in Salford back in the late 90’s. He was perhaps in his 30’s.

    Perhaps your fella was some relation or other

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  16. My PSA Finger prick test was as above ..about 5 drops .no sex or exercise for 2 days prior .sent priority post
    I can`t remember the company that did it but it was open to all employees. we did a 30 question questionnaire about family history etc and it list you for .PSA .Bowl or skin cancer checks . (i`m 49)
    my PSA came back fine and it recommended due to my age redoing it every 2 years ..

    I do work for a Diabetes company and i do sell my blood for testing purposes so i know i don`t have Diabetes ...
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  17. Everybody our age should be tested regularly……

    My dad had prostate cancer…. I had a test at 57 yrs old. The number was high …. ish. …… so off they sent me to the MRI scanner… this showed an anomaly which indicated cancer…………. Then I had a biopsy…… not pleasant and peeing blood for 24 hrs afterwards…… result inconclusive! …. So another biopsy, more invasive, wanted a pee for 24 hrs, absolutely bloody horrible, loads of blood, but at the end the result was ….. no cancer.

    Afterwards I was put on a drug called Finesteride, this shrinks the prostate. ……. Result is much lower prostate score and now only waking up once or not at all, a night, to go the loo! Better nights sleep and happier when awake!

    I still have a regular test and because of the Finesteride we double the score to get an accurate reading, but my score is so much lower now that even doubling it is way less than it was.
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  18. Merlin Cat

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    My brother has had his first prostate check today, aged 53 :thumbsup:
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  19. Good choice of emoji !
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  20. Chrisd

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    Good news re testing, my doctor has approved my having a test without the need for a consultation....hmmm now that I think about it, what do they know I'd don't :eek:

    Hopefully the test will be good news.

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