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    Following a reminder on another thread about PSA testing, I thought I'd open this thread as a specific subject that may interest some of us on here. (other gender specific test are also available :cool:)

    It's not something that I've done, but I may now look into it.
  2. MorkC68

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    Its worth having a PSA test carried out, and it doesnt take long or cause any pain / stress, just a vial of blood for analysis.

    I have mine done annually and our Doctors dont give me any grief when booking, they simply ask if its due.

    I would 100% recommend getting it done, as you are better knowing one way or the other and, it gives peace of mind.
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  3. Huyrob

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    Had an annual blood test last week…got a text saying PSA raised so got to see GP, never had one before. They seem a very good idea.
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  4. Have mine done every year after surgery for Prostate Cancer in 2011.
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    The NHS statement that there's currently no screening programme because it has not been proved that the benefits would outweigh the risks, I find somewhat strange. What are the risks of a blood test? I agree measuring the PSA isn’t particularly accurate and false alarms are possible but I’d rather a false alarm than no test at all.

    In my case the blood test indicated a higher-than-normal PSA, an internal examination found a slightly enlarged prostate (common in older men), an MRI scan revealed a possible ‘target’ and a (fairly painful) biopsy confirmed a cancer.
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  6. Zed

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    Risk to the NHS budget probably!
  7. Chrisd

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    I've just requested mine through my surgery, thanks for the nudge @Merlin Cat
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  8. A timely reminder, must make an appointment.

    My father died of prostate cancer 18 months ago, and my uncle was recently diagnosed with it. The PSA came back negative, but due to some symptoms he had further tests, that also came back negative, it took a CT scan and biopsy to confirm. Hopefully they've caught it in time.
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  9. ^^^ Exactly this ^^^

    My Dad passed away 21yrs ago, 2 days shy of his 61st birthday.

    A young doctor, Dr Tasker (will never forget that name) refused my Dad a PSA test when he was about 55, saying he was too young and perhaps was worrying unnecessarily as a lot of his friends were considerably older and had had tests.

    My Dad saw another doctor perhaps 18 months later (blokes of his generation didn’t often go to the quacks) and was able to have a PSA test. The result was horrific, the PSA reading was over 900 I repeat 900, sadly it then worked its way into his bones.

    I’m not saying an earlier test would’ve saved him, but it highlights the lack of awareness around that time.

    After my Dad passed, we did a lot of events with many charities to promote the awareness and I’m pleased to say that this has improved 10 fold over the last 20 yrs.

    All the male members of my family are checked regularly, my son who is 37 at the end of the month has been getting checked since before he was 30, so you’re never too young Dr Tasker!

    … best to get checked

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  10. scrooge95

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    The 'director' of the small company I work for possibly ignored a few symptoms, and by the time he did get checked out, his prostate cancer was at stage 4 and had started spreading into his bones.
    He is one of the most stoic stubborn people I have ever met, and a really genuine, nice man; he now has an additional tumour in his oesophagus which is making it virtually impossible to eat, and hard to even drink. The latest biopsy shows the cancer has moved on to his liver.

    When I saw him at work on Thursday (yep, he's still coming in to work when he can) he said I should still call him for any issues we have, and he'll sort it out. To quote: "I'm not done yet".

    Sadly, we all know it won't end well.
    Maybe a simple blood test a few years ago could have stopped any of this.

    Get checked chaps, we don't want to lose any of you x
  11. A PSA test isn’t positive or negative it give a measurement of specific antigen in blood . We had a program at work where we were offered a PSA check and a Bowl cancer check . Both very simple and kits arrived in the post and returned in post
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  12. MorkC68

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    My stepson works in the NHS Labs in Mansfield doing the blood tests, he says similar to you it’s no guarantee but it does recognise trigger markers.

    Our company, in typical traditional said they’d never heard of it before..oh okay, don’t come crying when it goes pear shaped.
  13. PSA checks are done via a blood sample taken at a GP surgery or in hospital, not a test kit you do yourself at home.
  14. My doctor did a physical finger examination, but it was so quick, like 1 second, I'm doubtious it was done right.
    Is it always that quick?
    Would have preferred a referral to NHS expert who's doing it everyday.
  15. It's a good point - GP's are only trained to check for basic changes like size, shape and smoothness of the gland.
    I've had several done, usually lasting for no more than a few seconds, although it feels a lot longer.... My PSA test score last year was raised, but still within normal score levels, but because the presence of PSA increases with age anyway, the score levels themselves get raised as your age increases. For me my score would have been an abnormal score five years ago because I was five years younger.

    It's still not an exact science and there is a risk of false positives that, in the past, resulted in painfull biopsies and even removal of healthy prostate glands.

    Unfortunately ultra sounds and scans on the NHS have a very long waiting list if you return a normal PSA score.

    I'm lucky and now very grateful to have private health insurance so had a specialist consultation in December with scans booked for next Thursday.
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  16. a proper blood test is a useful tool not only for PSA, but also for things such as checking risk of diabetes, liver function etc. of late I've had one done every couple of years.
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  17. I also did my pooh test last year, they joys of reaching that magic age.
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  18. DubCat

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    I get a blood test every year at my GP surgery, as some have said, other than PSA level it's useful for liver function and all sorts of other things. My GP goes through all the scores with me too.
    The NHS is superb when you get a bit older and they enrol you in all sorts of programmes. Last month, as I'm now 65, I got an ultrasound check of my aorta looking for aneurysms. Every two years I get the poo test in the post. 3 months ago I got a full ultrasound of the urinary tract. Oh and free prescriptions from 60 yrs old.
  19. You don’t get the poo tests past 74. Probably think that by that age, you’ve had a good innings, so it’s not really going to shorten your life :thinking:
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  20. Dubs

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    My Dr asked me for poo and wee samples last time I saw him. I just left my pants at reception. :thumbsup:

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