Power loss, got hot, cut out...

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by GRINNER, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. I assume its perspective!

    I tried the exhaust gasket and its smaller.
  2. Make one!

    a solex gasket 6s.jpg
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  3. Gasket paper (and corn flake packets) - got me out of a jam on Sunday afternoons many times. Local motor factor is old school and sells it off a big roll. Well worth having in a box - you can make lovely ones like @snotty or rougher but serviceable ones by placing the paper over the flange and tapping gently round with the rounded end of a ball pein hammer.
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  4. It's an aftermarket pulley so could be slightly smaller diameter, quite a few are apparently (vzi and samba both have several comparisons, seem to suggest around 10% less fan revolution with a majority of the aftermarket pulleys).
  5. @GRINNER I think I may have a standard pulley in the garage you can have, if you want it?
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  6. Is it really that much smaller? I've never noticed.

    I think I might have one in the garage, I'll have a rummage.
  7. Didn't find one and forgot about to be fair.

    It's back in now, just some plumbing to do!

  8. ...it's alive!
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  9. It's was hot out there!
    But she started up first time;

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  10. Good news, always satisfying after major surgery!!

    That fan belt up a bit loose though, if you haven't already I'd given that a tighten or it will overheat again.....
  11. Oh yeah, it's tensioned now.
  12. davidoft

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    Smaller driven pulleys spin faster, so should be more Cooling
  13. I agree, but in this case its the drive pulley that is smaller as its the crank pulley that is the aftermarket version. So he driven pulley rotates less, hence less cooling.
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    Top one looked new, I can't read I can only look at pictures

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