Power loss, got hot, cut out...

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  1. Check the pump is pumping ok (turn the engine over with outlet pipe into a jar) if the flow is good then I'd go for new gaskets on the fuel pump pedastel make sure it's all tightened up and go for a spin and see if it leaks any more.
  2. When you say limped home do you really mean drove home slowly? How was it going?
    Occasionally the pump can stick so this push rod pushes the level up which then doesn't spring back down. Just a thought. Have a good look at the pump to check it's not cracked.
  3. The pic of the oily pump suggests oil may be leaking from the actuating mechanism pivot pin clip. Did you change the oil today.
  4. I've not done the oil yet, I'd like to get it running again first.

    I did however turn it over and pumped fuel into a jar. After 10 seconds (in my head) I got this much out;
    Is that a good amount?
    Didn't see anything abnormal like oil or fuel seeping out of anywhere.
  5. Plenty, if you actually used that much every 10 seconds you'd be lucky to get 1 mpg.
  6. I thought it looked a lot, I guess that's it filling the chamber on the carb. I guess I'll change the oil and go for a (local) drive, see what happens.
  7. It's fine, it should pump plenty, the carb float valve meters it into the carb.
  8. Got it started again but it sounds lumpy, this is how it sounded on the way home.

    Any ideas on seeing this?
  9. Yep checked all that.

    Is it on three cylinders I wonder?
  10. Taken one lead off at a time and see if it makes a difference
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  11. Going to watch this one - from the photos it looks like I might have a similar problem... :(
  12. I know this. Sounds,tuesday_wildchild,,, synthetic oil or conventional. .? Maybe a fouled plug from and the oil passing a ring and is coming through the weak fuel pump seal if its synthetic as well., just a thought ,,,what oil ya using ..how old is it .?
  13. The current oil was put in by the garage that built it just over 1k miles ago. Not sure what it is, they're a VW specialist so you'd hope it's the correct stuff.
  14. When you rev it, it seems to stumble. You then ease back off. What happens if you keep the power on, does it smooth out or does it continue to stumble? If it smooth's out then check the accelerator pump on carb.

    If you have it at idle and snap the throttle wide open quickly what does it do? If its bogs then picks up check accelerator pump and for air leaks (particularly those rubber bellows on the inlet manifold).

    How hot was the engine when you filmed it? Was the choke on (and should it have been?!)

    Have you checked valve clearances in the last 1k since it was rebuilt? You should have changed the oil in 1k if you've been running it in?

    Have you checked your carb is clean internally?
  15. All good stuff to look at cheers.
  16. ...but I just noticed this;

    Fuel pump is blowing bubbles!

    Also I cleaned up the spark plugs as they were black from the carb not been set up right, it seems stronger now.

    New fuel pump I feel. Still not had any oil seeping, maybe it was loose and I've torqued it back up.
  17. If its running rich enough to foul the plugs that will go some way to explaining why its running so rough!

    It looks like the pivot point on the pump is rotating - it shouldn't!

    stick a new pump ion and see if it helps with the running and the oil.
  18. It’s not the cause of the problem but those worm drive clips on the fuel pump are too big and will distort the hose – the reason why so many say don’t use Jubilee clips. The suction side of the pump just might drag in air if the hose is too big and/or isn’t properly clamped.
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  19. Block off fuel pump and go electric.
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