Power loss, got hot, cut out...

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by GRINNER, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. did you have all plugs out an throttle wide open when you did the tests?

    i would may be speaking to the garage that fitted the engine? isnt this engine less than a year old? fitted by a garage in revesby?
  2. If that's not it, that is one poorly engine.
  3. True, just trying to be optimistic, but I think it's goosed
  4. Not looking good but at least you know No2 cylinder has a problem and the others are good.

    The trouble is that 60mph on a slight uphill may be quite hard work for an engine where e.g. valves are needing adjustment or the mixture is a bit lean .

    Interesting the compression on number 3 is quite high and number 2 is low. Maybe it is line bored crooked as those are diagonally opposite cylinders.
  5. Tested it again today with all plugs removed and full throttle for 10 seconds. 1, 3 and 4 all show the same now at 180 psi number 2 didn't make the scale.

    Sent the photos to Revesby Garage saying surly they can't deny its for them and their warranty to sort now.
  6. 180 is so high I find it hard to believe the pistons don't hit the heads! Does it get tappy as it warms up? I think you may find burnt piston /seized rings on the duff one.
  7. I think @zedders is right - 180 PSI is high. And that points towards a builder's decision (like mine) to go high on compression ratio and risk damage through heat.

    The things @zedders rightly criticises me for voluntarily doing to my engine in the quest for power may have been done by the garage in the rebuild of your engine.

    A clue would be if you find they have put shims under the rocker arm stands as the cylinders can be shortened by 1-2 mm increasing compression ratio, by removing cylinder head gaskets and cylinder base spacers for example which messes up the tappet adjustments.
    My engine has more expensive forged pistons so it looks like it has eaten the valves instead. But as it is still up at SGS Aircooled waiting for some welding to be done, I havent yet had a chance to strip down the engine.
  8. May just be that the tester isn't that well calibrated? I view the cheap ones (assuming this is, might be being very rude!) as a rough guestimate, where the relative difference between cylinders is more exciting than the absolute value...

    Or it might be spot on and it might be why no 2 appears to have self destructed.

    Either way, good luck with getting it sorted under warranty, lets hope they do the right thing by you and sort it out without and quibbles.
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  9. If you want to try a different tester as a sanity check you can borrow mine. Is it still parked up behind the mess?
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  10. Wouldnt worry about it, my number 3 cylinder has zero compression at idle and about 50 at high revs.
    I'm ignoring it and goinf on a long summer road trip :)
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  11. Has he not sold up yet? ( Sgs)
  12. Unless he has sold it and the new buyer is picking up the ropes already I dont think so. His FB posts seem to indicate he needs somebody to buy his house for more than he will currently get for it before he goes.

    He seemed to be extremely busy the place had "four 'kin blue Bays" in as Scott put it when I went round and he hadnt seen me...

    And he told me to wait until after summer to discuss some welding quotations..
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  13. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    I Facebook messaged sgs about buying the place, no response, maybe he doesn't really want to sell :eek:
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  14. I'm going to get an electric fuel pump, how do I block off the old one?
  15. I believe you can get a blanking plate.

    Forget the usually suppliers, I believe you can get the pumps from abroad at a much more favourable cost.

    @SeanOC do you remember where ours came from?
  16. I ordered them via my sister from the states. But I think that they are advertised on eBay. Have you fitted yours yet Ray?

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  17. Blanking plates from VWH, JK etc

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  18. Make one
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  19. ...so Revesby garage have got back and said this work was 18 months ago and there for out of warranty. At the time I asked for a written warranty, but was told "oh, just bring it back if there's a problem" (or words to that effect) seems a bit of a cop out to put a time warranty on these type of vehicles, they're not normally used as daily drivers and if it had been it would have failed in a couple of months. I guess I'll pull out the engine and start stripping.

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