Power loss, got hot, cut out...

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by GRINNER, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. The only cost effective way is aim to rebuild yourself. Other than machining, there's nothing you can't do.
  2. Yep, Revesby Garage have fobbed me off. I'm never going back! I can do it myself.
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  3. Why did VW make the cross bar non-removable on the late bay?

    Anyway she's up and the engine is out. Take a look at my number two piston!


    I got hot!
    I've found someone on eBay selling a single 1776 barrel and piston! So shouldn't be long before its back on the road!
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  4. Good you are doing it yourself, best way.
  5. You need to be as sure as you can be that you know why that happened or it'll happen again. Timing to advanced? Air leak?
  6. nasty nasty hope it all goes well for ye
  7. Apparently because chassis was too wobbly with a bolt in piece....

    and blimey that did get hot!

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  8. Spanking newness!

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  9. I recognise this bus........ you let Doops near it didnt you lol
  10. That is a quite melted piston - looks like some of it went past the oil scraper ring so your engine has a small amount of aluminium or aluminium oxide powder inside it now. Change the oil frequently when you get it back together.

    And then check out the distributor for sticking weights and vacuum advance mechanism - both can get gummed up.
    And check generally for air leaks and dirt in the carburettor.

    Something happened there that was not directly caused by building the engine wrong, more the after effects of some (ab)use.
    That (ab)use could well have been down to deterioration of ancilliary components that were fitted after the engine builder finished their work -re using carburettor and distributor without checking them over for instance, after the last time they may have caused the previous engine to melt..
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  11. Yep! He's being a great help!
  12. Cracking car mechanic that occasionaly helps fix a plane when he's got time :thumbsup:
  13. Not now, he sits at a desk staring at a computer!

    More stuff and things, time to rebuild!

  14. You've spent good money on a box meant to stop the rocker gaskets blowing on very high revving engines. On yours it serves no useful purpose, but it will gather oil for you to clean out from time to time.

    It surely falls way down on your list, well below "why did my engine go pop (again)"?

    That "thing" won't save you.
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  15. I hear what you're saying but it seem to be running with a bit of pressure and keeps pushing oil out. I'm wanting to fit it.
  16. That's because your rings were welded to the piston. ;)
  17. Almost rebuilt just need a carb gasket as my gasket kit didn't have one!?

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  18. I am assuming it is perspective but the bottom pulley looks smaller than it should?

    Would explain why got hot though!
  19. top end kits ,don't come with them...

    I think the exhaust ones fit...

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