Oktoberfest - River Dart Country Park, Devon - 5-7 October 2012

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  1. Good news that they've found a new venue and are not refunding people unless they want it.
    Will we still keep our club camping?
  2. I've just been on the website and sent my confirmation email that I will be going to the new venue.(if you have tickets you need to do this just click on bungles link)
    I've asked them to send confirmation that we will retain club camping.
  3. maybe the title of this topic should be edited now

    Oktoberfest Devon
  6. Hang on girls, whos been plying sir Baghead, I put down Cornwall not Bridgwater.
  7. I'm not going to this event now as it's too far to travel for me - it would mean a round trip of over 300 miles. I've just requested a refund :(

    If the new event could have been within a 50 mile radius of the old one I would have jumped at the chance, but sadly, this was not to be.

    (Just thought I'd share that with the group).
  8. bernjb56

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    I'm thinking the same - a tad too far :(
  9. Honky

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    We've decided not to go to Oktoberfest now - too far to travel for a weekend. I know some of you are hard core and drive 5 hours or so but its not for us.

    I'll probably try and organise something for that weekend.
  12. Honky

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  13. Had my tickets turn up today.
    Who going to it?
    I'm in 345 area 3. I did ask for TLBers to be together but all has gone quiet from the organisers.
  14. I was going but my sister got married abroad and has now decided to have a uk 'do' on the same weekend.
    Managed to get a refund but I'm gutted I'm not going :(
  15. I could be Billy no mates.

  16. Me the wife and birdy are going ticket 342 area 3!
  17. Looks like we are close then. I'm 345.
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