Oktoberfest - River Dart Country Park, Devon - 5-7 October 2012

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  2. i just heard that this may get cancelled due to the site closing in sept
    there will be an announcement made on monday :(
  3. Message from Oktober Fest

    We understand that some of you have heard that Oktoberfest at Broadway House in Cheddar will not go ahead due to closure of the site in September. At this point, however, we are still waiting for confirmation of this from their Head Office. Whilst this news is extremely alarming, we would ask that you hold on over the weekend. We hope to have a definitive answer for you by close of business on Monday. Rest assured, we will be in touch as soon as we hear
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  5. According to this, It will be. Its pee'd of alot of bmx'ers that have pre-booked accom outside of broadway house too, as most are non-refundable!!
    Statement from British Cycling:

    Due to circumstances out of the organiser’s control, the British BMX
    Championships will be moving one week earlier to the 15th and 16th of
    September. With a choice of moving the event to a new location,
    cancelling or accepting the date change, it was considered that
    keeping the event at Broadway House and accepting the date change was
    the best option.

    The Holiday Park has changed hands several times in recent years and
    although the BMX track has remained relatively unaffected, the rumours
    of re-development were always in the background. Unfortunately, the
    current owners wish to completely re-develop the park and they have
    ordered the park to be closed by the 17th of September. BMX isn’t the
    only event to be affected, as several other groups have had their
    bookings cancelled including Octoberfest UK. The closure will also
    result in the removal of the BMX track, so this event will be the last
    one ever held at Broadway House.
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    Not looking very hopeful :(
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    So today is Monday. Anyone know the outcome??
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    This an hour ago:

    Oktober Fest update - We are in contact with the owners of Broadway House to confirm the venue will remain available for Oktoberfest and, if not, that there is an alternative site available to us. Once we have confirmation we will inform everyone.
    Please bear with us. — with Oktober Fest.
  9. received this email from them

    We know some of you are aware of the situation with regards the redevelopment of Broadway House and it is with the utmost regret that we have to let you know that it has now been confirmed by the Managing Director of Darwin Holidays that we are unable to use Broadway House, Cheddar for Oktoberfest.

    It is, to say the very least, extremely disappointing that we have had to accept this arrangement, especially as we know how much everyone enjoyed Oktobefest in Cheddar. Darwin Holidays have suggested some alternative sites which we will view this week. We obviously want the show to continue and we'd like to assure you that will try our hardest to find the right venue for this show.

    In the meantime we will be making a full refund to everyone - to be sent out within the next seven days.

    We will advise you as soon as we have managed to secure a new venue and give you as much information about the site as we can so that you can decide if it's right for you - the one thing that will remain the same is the date. We know many of you have booked holidays for the 5-7 October and so the venue will have to be right, along with the availability for that specific weekend.

    If you have any questions, please email us but do bear with us if it takes some time before you receive a reply.

    Be in touch as soon as we can.

    With best regards
    All at Oktoberfest
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    If they can't sort out a venue we'll have to find a TLB one. Not going to let a weekend booked off go to waste :)
  11. Well I'm gutted.

    Thanks to all of those that booked their tickets early this year, just such a shame it all fell through.
    Ive heard throughout the Tom Toms, don't know if it's true that they are going to have lodges instead of camping, so looks like they don't want us dubbers.

    Let's see if they come up with another alternative place to go.
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    If they are looking for a new venue then why not hold on the the ticket sales for a little longer in case they find one.
  13. Yeah like Horts said what's the point of refunding us all now? Why not wait a bit to see if they find somewhere else first.
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  15. The problem is if they do find another place and refund everyone, knowing how quick tickets sale out for this one, with people away on holiday at the moment they might miss out if they do a ticket resale. Why not hold on to the money then give them a refund if they don't want to go to the new venue.
  16. We could always do the Brighton Breeze.
  17. if they refund the money theres not going to be a show

    if they find some where new this will not sale out as it would be a new show and not the same

    vanwest was better at haynes motor museum they have moved this two times now

    i dont think it will happen
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    anybody heard owt?
  20. no refund yet

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