Oktoberfest - River Dart Country Park, Devon - 5-7 October 2012

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    Just so you know the 7th is my birthday again this year.
  3. when do tickets go onsale?
  5. Ive never been but it looks interesting.Does anyone know when the website is updated for tickets etc
  6. Im going to this as this will be my 1st time at this one looking forward to it :)
  7. aircooledmonkeys are all going again, och aye the noooooooooooooooo :D
  8. Tickets go on sale June time I think, as soon as they come up for sale get them cos last year they sold out within days.
  9. foe


    Already notified the wife to book time off, so will have to with you lot :)
  11. Sounds fun, might bring the wife, dump the kids off with my sister and come and get exceedingly drunk!
  12. Looks like I'm going to be reserving a gert big field not just a lane this year. Keep your names coming in, I'm going to make contact soon to give anticipated numbers.
  13. Love Cheddar and this gives me a great excuse to combine a nice little final season road trip, buses, friends, cider and laughter in one hit!
  14. Ive contacted them but still awaiting a reply, their last response was due to organising vanwest they are very busy and will contact clubs in due course.
    With a few extra people I know that's not got their names on the TLB that's about 43 now.
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    I've removed all the date change posts to avoid confusing.

    Just in case anyone was wondering what happened: it was on 5-7, then got moved to 12-14, then moved back to 5-7.

    It is on 5-7th Oct 2012.
  16. Right .....
  17. I havnt heard from then yet will give then an Email when I get home asking for about 42 pitches this year.
  18. Right ladies and gentlemen I've heard from the organisers.
    This was us last year, we didn't have a quick uptake on the tickets on TLB
    Sorry if I sound harsh, please don't let us down this year.
    I am going to ask for 43 pitches.


    This must be one of the most asked questions this year - "When are tickets available for Oktoberfest?" so, here's the answer for Clubs.

    The tickets will initially be on sale at Bristol Volksfest on the weekend of 8th-10th June. They will subsequently be available to purchase online from either Monday 11th or Tuesday 12th June.

    As you know, this show is always over subscribed and we expect the tickets to sell even faster this year (judging by the number of requests we have had so far) than previously and we want to be as fair as possible to everyone. In previous years, we have had situations where a Club have reserved 20 pitches and, after much chasing, only 4 have booked in. As you can imagine, this means a lot of disappointed people. So we're going to have to be firmer with Clubs this year and we're sure you'll understand our reasons.

    So, this is the plan for clubs.

    Let us know how many pitches you think you'll need and, if you have a preference, where you'd like to be placed and we'll pencil you in. However, we will only be able to hold these pitches until demand means we need to sell them. However, we have absolutely no idea how long this will be. When your members book in to your "reserved" pitches, we will allocate them together from the end of camping avenue towards the centre roadway. When no non-club pitches are left, we will fill in the remaining space from the opposite direction.

    What this essentially means is that your members will have to book very quickly when booking opens but we hope the notice we're giving will offset this.

    The pricing will be as follows:
    Weekend pass inc. camping: £26 per adult.
    Children aged 13-16 £10 each
    Children aged 5-12 £5 each
    Electric hook-up £5 for the weekend
  19. Thanks for the heads up Rusty. Must dig out me Braveheart face paint and bottle of Irn-Bru for this one.
    Do they take Republican credits? ::)
  20. Great work Rusty, Keep us posted

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