Oktoberfest - River Dart Country Park, Devon - 5-7 October 2012

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  1. ;) well done si
  3. ill be there,so will the girls
  4. a list

    m&d (dave)
    m&d (mat)
  5. Who's the other one, who drives the split , is it Paul?
  6. yes ill ask him today
  7. Great stuff bout the bookings. There's three of us coming in my camper, should be a great weekend!
  8. Me and Wife are coming.
  12. Dont confuse the poor chap. Internet on the move, it's just got to street.
  13. :) ah so you go but dont do anything just on the phone allday
  14. Really looking forward to this one :)
  16. Dont forget OKTOBERFEST 2012 TICKETS WILL GO ON SALE at Bristol Volksfest- 8/9/10 June. They will then be available to purchase online from Monday or Tuesday 11th or 12th June.

    I've still not heard from them, just emailed them again but if its like last year you need to quote The Late Bay club camping.

    [size=24pt]Book your tickets quick cos they wont stay around for long.[/size]

    Dont say I didn't tell you. ;D
  18. Well I'll be looking out online Monday/Tuesday to bag mine. Should be a hoot O0
  19. Still havnt heard from them, so assume that they are mega busy.

    Don't forget to tell the you are club camping with The Late Bay.

    Getting them sooner the better would be best as I remember last year they sold-out quick, then started to sell the club tickets to people.
  20. Just been reading through the emails they have sent me and found this,

    Let us know how many pitches you think you'll need and, if you have a preference, where you'd like to be placed and we'll pencil you in. However, we will only be able to hold these pitches until demand means we need to sell them. However, we have absolutely no idea how long this will be. When your members book in to your "reserved" pitches, we will allocate them together from the end of camping avenue towards the centre roadway. When no non-club pitches are left, we will fill in the remaining space from the opposite direction.

    What this essentially means is that your members will have to book very quickly when booking opens but we hope the notice we're giving will offset this.

    The pricing will be as follows:
    Weekend pass inc. camping: £26 per adult.
    Children aged 13-16 £10 each
    Children aged 5-12 £5 each
    Electric hook-up £5 for the weekend.

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