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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by burnzdog, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Just realised I have a 1300 engine in my 72 bay with EMPI EPC 34's. SO slightly under powered at the mo. I need a new engine. I haven't got thousands to spend on a new one. So would like to reuse as much as I can from current engine. Is this possible? Which engine size would be sensible to go with? Can anyone advice a reputable garage that can help with this?
  2. What makes you think you have a 1300 engine?
    Where are you located
  3. engine code. Im in Reading, Berks.
  4. 1300's can be and often are rebuilt into 1600's.
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  5. Pop a rocker cover and read the part number on a head, then either google or look in Tom Wilson engine rebuild book.
  6. This will tell if its possible or not?
  7. It will tell you if you have 1600 heads. :)
  8. Im confused. You can have 1600 heads but the engine is still 1300? Do you have to have 1600 heads in order for it to rebuilt?
  9. Zed is saying that you can't guarantee that the engine you have is actually a 1300, if you're just basing it on the engine number!! :)
  10. Burnzdog

    These are not like a normal engine with a machined out cylinder block

    There more like old bike engines where the block could have a 1300 part number but the pistons,cylinders and heads are from a 1600
  11. Exactly, sorry if I wasn't clear. It's likely your 1300 is a rebuilt 1600 on a 1300 case, so you can't tell the cc from the engine number.

  12. I can understand the confusion for someone new to aircooled though steve
    I had never worked on bike engines
    All my work for years had been on watercooled engines

    When you come across your first air cooled engine
    Well everythings really confusing even though its a simple engine

    Where as i would of expected a rebore of a block air cooled owners fit new barrels
  13. OK this has been clarified by a garage that its definitely 1300.

    So what options does that leave me with?
  14. Never mind what the garage said, look yourself. ;)
  15. A subaru conversion?
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  16. The fact that I can only get 45 mph going down hill ...
  17. Where are you?
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  18. Reading, berks.
  19. Gusbus' engine would only do that speed, it was a 1300 engine with 1600 p & b's fitted but the endfloat was excessive & a bearing was shot.

    The only way to tell for sure is exactly as Zed says & measure the barrel size and piston size..this will tell you for sure!

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