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  1. I'd put an end to my suffering and fit a recon, from the Engine Shop maybe? I'd keep the old engine to do a post-mortem on it.
  2. Thanks Snotty will take a look.

  3. 110 degrees C isnt hot. Running out of oil in a few miles is possible though as I have managed to lose most of it in 20 miles with bad oil cooler seals - this might be a completely separate issue to the fan.

    If you are lucky the bag of spanners is something to do with the cooling fan or the alternator, not the engine.

    The problem will be that the engine will come as a block, and the ancilliaries like the alternator and fan will be moved over.

    The result is that whatever nasty damage your alternator and fan has will be moved across to the new engine.

    Fanbelts dont develop slip in a hurry without something stopping the fan going round properly. This could be something as silly as the alternator clamping band not being present or not done up.

    I think you really need to know why the current setup blew up before buying a new engine if you intend to reuse the alternator and fan housing.
  4. It sounds like the easiest plan, and at least you're starting with a clean sheet. By the time a mechanic has diagnosed any issue and fixed it you could end up paying nearly as much.

    agreed, but often they want the old unit in exchange...

    As Mike says ^^^ Make sure that the mechanic installing the new engine checks all the ancillaries before installing them and replace anything suspect :)
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  5. I have to agree with your local garages. I find that anything more than a new head or two and it's more cost effective for my customers to get a recon. No way I can compete with the prices out there, the parts alone would cost me more.
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  6. They do, but only after a while. They'll accept a loosely-bolted together engine. After my first engine blew up, I dearly wish I'd done a post-mortem before returning it in exchange.
  7. Exactly, you might find something simple to fix as you do so.
    If you take off the heads, barrels and pistons, you'll get a good enough view inside to see anything obvious + wiggle the con-rods and see if a big end has gone. Simple to put back together to send off.
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  8. Hi all, just wanted to finish of the thread with some good news for once. A very nice chap called pete @aircolled technic fitted a new 1600 engine and some new twin webbers and the van is running like a dream and more importantly its being cooled properly!

    I have no money, my partner hates me, but I having a van on the road - Hoooray!

    Thanks all.

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  9. Nice one buddy, I should have my new one in this week too. Glad you're sorted and up and running. I'm sure the other half will come around ;) :thumbsup:
  10. :thumbsup:
  11. so what was wrong with the old engine?
  12. Well there was nothing conclusive. All tinware was correct. Which just leaves the carbs or the engine itself.

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