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  1. I believe that's a pic from befor TBR looked at it and the pipes are now installed?
  2. oh beg pardon if so but thats the link given in post just up above . ok square one then ?
  3. Good answer. lol
    You can reach round to check the fan. I'd think anything blocking it significantly would be obvious. While you are, check the gap between the housing and fan, if you can get your finger in, it has the wrong size fan.
  4. 15 june that pic shrug? after i thought ?
  5. Maybe I remembered wrong then, sorry. :)
  6. Bu they are not essential are they? I can put them on tomorrow and give it a go.
  7. So we were both right @Barneyrubble
  8. There are plenty of buses without them, though they should be there. Either on or off won't effect the engine cooling noticeably.
  9. you know lots more than me zed , im just seeing stuff thats not to the book as they say but just trying to help , i think he needs you or someone like you to see it n check other stuff maybe , as glynn said he didnt have time to do the full monty and since has offered more but ??
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  10. Something wrong here, even if the gauge is working correctly. 130-140 (if it's true) is heading towards engine-destroying temperatures. Should be able to cruise reasonably happily at 60.
  11. Got a photo of the fan at that back. It has a layer of black gunk. But isn't blocked as such

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  12. time to get everything checked over id say , at least you dont have to buy a new engine at the moment and it could be something really silly that wont be spotted just buy looking at pics . or try reading thru some of the write ups on dave and robs or ratwells vw sites on the internet n see if anything jumps out at you , but if everthing is not as it should be , your wasting your time . Good luck .
  13. Sure it's not reading in Fahrenheit?
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  14. I wish it was
  15. I thought the same, but then the temps are really low. Even if I'm cruel and really cane my engine, it tops out at 125ยบ, then stops.

    I'd be tempted to take the engine out, take off all the ancillary bits, and look for any issues.
  16. I wish it was
  17. Chaps. Would the belt slipping cause the overheating? The reason I ask this as I have tested the tension of the belt by pulling on the belt with hands and it appears to be slipping on the crank.
  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    It certainly won't be cooling as well as it can
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  19. Im assuming It shouldn't be slipping when I turn the crank with my hands?

    How do I fix chaps? new pulley?
  20. Is there anyway to tighten?

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