Nazi bunker in my garden......

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  1. Been doing some digging and it turns out this chap is a certain lawyer in Jersey, so maybe he does have that sort of dosh floating about.

    Orangepeel let me know if you want more info.
  2. Still waiting for Mr Thorough to call :)
  4. Mr Yates is the Crown Advocate in Jersey, looks there was nothing ever found in the tunnels, there were a couple of bits of interest around the British ww1 rifle in a German tunnel but that could have been just confiscated from a local person by occupying forces.

    Mr Thorough will however check the archives as all known tunnels were documented after liberation before being sealed up. The Channel Islands are a fantastic place if you like fortifications, I like the radio tower at Corbiere, fantastic view from the room at the top.




  5. oh, If that is all then its a bit of an anti climax. :(
  7. cheers for asking your bro in law to check it out.
  8. Any updates?
  9. Nothing on file for any interesting historical find, looks like it is the anti climax we were anticipating.
    Interesting to read through it all though.
  10. Was there extra tunnels in the quarry wall?

    What was he digging for behind the garage?

    What is happening in the last photo?

    update from pistonheads

    I'll come clean, I inadvertently spoke via email to CY88 the other day regarding a matter on this thread that caused me to edit my post to protect his privacy, and he is suffering slightly from too much publicity over the whole affair, hence why he has withdrawn from the thread for the moment.

    He suggests he will be back at some point though when he is good and ready, and doesn't want the thread closed.
  12. I wasted moments of my life reading this 'interesting' Nazi bunker find. Its basically a shed in some rich blokes back garden. Where is the gold, Hitlers skull, secret invasion documents. Its where some German soldiers (probably NOT Nazi's) sat and had a fag and listened to the radio
  13. I too was sorely disappointed having read the whole thing and discovering sod all, lol
  14. I used to read the last 3 pages of a book first, gave up reading books after a while. Try the same with long threads that you have not read before ;)
  15. If my wife came home to find I'd dug the back garden up with a JCB she would sh*t a kitten...and then probably kill me....

    Mark :)
  16. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

  19. I did suggest to my dad that we hire a digger and set to work on his garden but with all the previous work that's been done and the fact that his house was the village shop 100 years ago all we ever find is piles of old glass bottles.

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