Nazi bunker in my garden......

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  1. Someone blocked the holes up when the house was built. Do you seriously believe nobody had a look first? Or that the allies wouldn't have grabbed everything from weapon developement? Or not have noticed piles of human remains? C'mon chaps - it's a great thread, but there's nothing in there. :)
  3. I am going to call my brother in law, he works for Jersey states as a planner, all of this work would have to have been documented and approved by the states, not cheating just intrigued.
  4. jivedubbin

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    i was hoping for some left behind vehicles
  5. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Type 4 engines in crates would be nice. :)
  9. Doesn't seem to be short of a few bob, but all the stuff mounts up. TV or a book a poss. He did just clam up.

    Agree that if there was stuff of interest in the 2nd tunnel, the army would've cleared it out. Don't know why they felt the need to seal the cave, tho'

    Rails on the tunnel floor are interesting...
  11. Be interesting to see what you can dig up, excuse the pun
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    thanks for posting mate :)

    very interesting I'd love to know what he finds (or doesnt)

    40K is a lot to spend though, makes you wonder what was on the papers he was given :thinking:

    My money in on either nothing, bodys of POW's or bits of V1 rockets .........I doubt they would have had any super weapons on the channel islands and not used them and the reserch and development for new weapons would have been way back from the front line I would have thought

    It would be nice to think he may find some ritches stashed by the Nazi's though :)

    ^^^do it orangepeel !!! ;D
  13. I'm putting my money on Ark of the Covenant dudes! It's gotta be either that or a tunnel leading back to mainland France.
  14. Its a time machine
  16. Any news snotty?

    I'm keeping my eye on the original thread.
  18. Oh righto.

    But these two had been obviously covered, by the British or the Germans?
  19. Brother in law informed, measured response anticipated as he is a bit thorough. Hope to update with news of secret nazi weapons and gold before Xmas 2015 ;)
  20. Lol, now we're are waiting with baited breath on two forums!!

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