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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Razzyh, May 8, 2013.

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    Look a nice bit of kit. :thumbsup: What's the wire on the pedal?
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  2. Kick down for auto.
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  3. Looks like that cable could do with a new spade crimping on it
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  4. I thought that but it's well attached.
  5. So after the window lifter breaking on the way to France


    which has meant for the past couple of weeks no open window. Today fitted a new one from VWH.

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  6. Got it booked in for another rolling road 6th July at wilshers if anyone wants to come along. Anytime from 2pm
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  7. Here's my oil pressure. Hoping one it's been on RR it will start much better.

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  8. think I have found you starting problem ,you got no petrol...:D

    btw I would want mine to start straight away ,no chokes?...:hattip:
  9. Me too... But it doesn't. Well it does, but the petrol in the carbs evapourates if I leave it for a few days, then it takes a couple of seconds, otherwise first turn no matter how slowly. All my engines have started like this, never had to crank them over.
  10. But I checked oil pressure cold yesterday. About 40 ticking over, about 80 running.
    Warm is 42 running and about 15-20 ticking over.

    Not sure what Ray's vid is supposed to show?
  11. If it shows anything it's that the guage is slow to react when the engine starts. I suspect there may be air in the pressure measuring gubbins.
    I would remove the pressure switch, crank until oil comes out, then refit quickly. I had to do this with mine when it was first installed and any time I've had the sender off for whatever reason.
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  12. Well this lasted about a month!!!

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    Genuine quality ??
  14. I'll be asking VWH that!
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    I've probably got an actual genuine one of you prefer
  16. How much posted?
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  18. Sweet. Pm me payment details.
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    Let me find it in the morning first :)
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  20. One I bought did that first time I operated the window.
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