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  1. Thought i would add a bit of info here about my resto/project.

    I brought the van in June 2011 with a years MOT and 6 months tax - purchased on a Wednesday and away that Friday. The bus didn't come with any real history, i'd been told the engine had been rebuilt, but no receipts to prove it and so far i've not had any real issue's with the engine (a 2ltr type 4 with an auto box).

    Something was wrong on that first trip, i could get barely above 50 on a long straight - so not to bore everyone it just needed the valves adjusting, then it felt like a rocket!

    We're still yet to name the van so if you have any suggestions.... i had thought about lenovo after LNV in the number plate, but it just sounds poop.

    So here is a picture, when we brought the van and before we had even got it home.

    Viewing Pic.jpg
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  2. Cool bus

    It looks like a butch ozzie bird called sheila:thumbsup:
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  3. So after using for the summer months, off it went to panel kraft for some much needed roof work.

    Here are some pics before the metal work started

    Roof front.jpg Roof hole1.jpg
  4. With the poptop off

    Roof Hole.jpg Roof Rear.jpg IMG_0388.jpg
  5. Taking out the rot

    IMG_0411.jpg Rear roof section.jpg Taking out the rot.jpg
  6. So, pic's pic's that's what we live for. Show us their great work, what of it now? How are things going??? Your admiring public want to know. LOL

    We like the colour!.
  7. sorry, did not see last picture before posting. Looks like they go great work!!
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    Wow, that is EXACTLY the same roof as mine. Mine was even the same colour canvas as yours (before I forgot it and knocked it off on a height barrier). We even had the same hook up socket in the same place. Look at your windscreen wipers and you'll see that they are wiping the 'proper' way for a right hand drive van. Australian vans are the only ones that do this, the right hand drive English vans wipers are still set for left hand drive vans.
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  9. then panels back to bare metal

    bare metal 1.jpg bare metal 2.jpg
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  10. Due to funds issue, we could only afford to get the gutters up done - i have absolutely no bodywork/metal skills at all, so had to pay to get it all done
  11. so now for the finished roof these arn't the best quality

    IMG_0443.JPG IMG_0444.JPG

    i'll see if i can find some better pictures
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  12. not better pictures, but did manage to find these

    Roof.png roof2.png
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  13. so that was all the bodywork we could afford to get done in October 2011 and not much else got done until the following year February 2012, we found some more funds and Panel Kraft managed to get us booked in - they are mega busy and you can be waiting 9 months to well over a year. so we got the top half finished.

    front middle.png gutters 2nd time round.png middle section bare metal.png middle section bare metal2.png Middle section1.png
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  14. Looks like they did a good job :)
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    Same roof as mine too but my hook up inlet is on the other corner!
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  16. Due to an expanding family, i had to spend some money on getting the poptop material replaced.

    This was done by myself 10% and 90% Sparks Marine in Oxford, who were very helpful and done a great job helping get it all sorted and were well over 50% cheaper than the usual people i.e they didn't charge the scene tax

    IMG_1733.jpg IMG_1734.jpg IMG_1741.jpg IMG_1745.jpg
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  17. New rollers for the poptop (i have these for sale if anyone needs these) as the last ones were non existent

    DSC_4544.JPG DSC_4546.JPG DSC_4550.JPG DSC_4560.JPG
  18. I should hope so - they are not cheap, but come well recommended and they did say they will give me a 5 year guarantee

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