My New 1975 Devon Eurovette. Full resto.

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by carlperkins001, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. I think the steering wheel is slightly off centre to the seats, I wouldn't worry about it, you don't notice when driving.

    Its looking very nice, love the coordination of the seats, mats and body colour, its going to be a superb bus when you've done :D
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  2. Cheers mate, yeah i'm chuffed to bits.
    Cant wait to get the whole cab back together.
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  3. Take a look at the seat runners.... they aim slight towards the centre too.

    Who'd have thought the bay window cockpit would be such a metaphor for mainstream politics!
  4. Does your battery gauge have a surround to make it fit the back of the dash or is it the same size as the oem clock/rev counter you can fit?

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  5. JamesLey

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    Looking great mate.
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  6. Its got a surround that bolts to the back of the dashpod.
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  7. Why are you painting the doors six months after the rest ? Are you not worried about paint differences ?
  8. Didnt get round to it last year, nah not really tbh, if there is any difference i bet it wont even be noticeable.
  9. Is it a home made or can you eBay them? Quite like to put an oil pressure one in mine

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  11. Hi all, long time no speak! I have some updates...

    Anyone know how i can restore this thread after the photobucket swap over?
  12. Unfortunately not , shame i was really enjoying this thread .

    Maybe someone more internet savvy can help ??

    Such a shame to lose the lot ... :(

  13. Yeah i have no idea. No way i’m sitting and re-doing it either! Lol.
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  14. When I view your thread from the start I get the pictures.
    Someone on here did something and I think if you downloaded some clever file thing that they made it shows the pictures. I remember downloading something and as I said, I can view your pics from the start.
    I can't remember who it was ( somebody a damn sight more clever than me or @Lasty that's for sure!!)
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    If you still have the photos stored on Photobucket - you should be able to download them yourself then upload them elsewhere on another free hosting site (Google tope 10 free hosting sites) and then use the 3rd party hosting code for the links but you will have to either go back into your original thread here and swap the pics or upload the pics and write another description....
  16. AH really?!

    So i need to move all pics over to the new host, then manually change each link to pics?!?


    Thats gutting.
    Any other ways at all? :(
  17. there is another way, other forums have done it (prototype)

    I thought TLB had as well

    I'll see if i can find any details

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