My Bay won't start! Please read!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Darren MacRae, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Hi folks, I am in desperate need of help here.

    My Bay just isn't starting.

    I have now been through 4 different people who know mechanics and we can't diagnose the problem.

    What parts I have put in so far - New rotor arm, new distributor cap, new ignition coil.

    What we have found out - The engine is getting fuel, the engine is getting a spark.

    Now we just cannot find out why the Bay won't start. Its turning over but nothing more.

    I'm stressing day and night. Its not that there is a problem that is causing me worry, its that we don't know what the problem is after 4 DAYS of trying!

    Please, please, please help me. What could the problem be, what can I do. Could it be a timing problem?

    Any help would be very much appreciated. I know vehicles of this age cause problems and I bought the van with this knowledge but I just need to know what's wrong with it!
  2. did it just decide to not start or was something replaced or changed?
  3. How have you checked your getting a spark?

    Have you got the plug leads on in the correct order with no. 1 in the right place?

    Has the distributor cap got its little spring and carbon bit in the middle?

    Points gap set correctly?

    Is the coil defintley good?

    Is the fuel not flooding it?

    Air leaks on the inlet manifold?

    Is it even trying to fire up coughing and spluttering ?
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  4. Compression OK? But saying that, you'd at least get summat. Turning over and not the slightest dicky bird?
  5. Dizzy 180 degrees out
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  6. The day it stopped working I had the new rotor arm and distributor cap put on. The old ones were working though still and we put them back on to see if it was that change that caused our problem but with the old ones on again it still wouldn't go. We also had an exhaust change, out old one was put back on after being welded. We also had the revs put up but that has since been put back down.
  7. Compression a wee bit less than usual but nothing to worry about. According to my mechanic.
  8. Sounds like ht leafs on wrong
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  9. Leads ^
  10. Condenser stopped my beetle from working, everything else was fixed.
  11. Are the leads on right and rotor arm ? cap?
  12. You getting good. :thumbsup:
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  13. Check each ht lead from plug to see if its on correct position of diz cap
  14. This would make's going to be something simple like this.
  15. Engine is getting a spark

    Plug leads have been put back in the same place, according to my mechanic friend

    Distrutor cap all good

    Don't know about points

    Coil brand new

    Don't know about fuel flooding

    Don't know about air leaks

    It is turning over, just noe starting up. Its trying hard though!

    Sorry, I don't have too much mech knowledge
  16. One ticked off then, any loose connections on coil?
    Tried jump starting?
  17. L
    Leads may be in correctly but has someone spun the dizzy cap as mentioned above. It has to be something you have done here if it was all working before. Don't panic just have a methodical think through what was done then re trace and double check slowly.
    Ps just check the wires on your starter solenoid under the bus,should be 2 wires. Just look and double check one isn't hanging down, this frustrated me for days after it just randomly fell off. Mine was turning over but not starting due to the loose wire.
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  18. what spark plugs have been fitted?
    depending on how old your cylinder heads are, you (or the mechanic) may have put short reach plugs in a long reach set of heads...
  19. Think the diz cap fits into a little groove in diz body?? If so I'll only fit properly in one position.
    Check the leads yourself to be certain. Somebody will tell you which goes where if you've no haynes
  20. Plug leads have been put back in the same place, according to my mechanic friend Double & triple check this

    Coil brand new try the old one? new doesn't mean it works

    Check the points

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